Sunday, 5 May 2013


Remember those? Soon they will all be in one place again:
After work today, the first thing I had to do was rowing training. Well, the others rowed and I steered and learnt about starboard and board (not quite sure I got it though). After that one of my colleagues asked about when the helpers were expected to show up on Tuesday: moving day. And before I knew it, I was home and grabbing boxes and other stuff and stuffing them in her car. Yes, I was already moving!

The fake wall in my bedroom is no more: only one box left. The fake wall in my living room is no more either: I just have to fill the empty boxes that are under my bed (which I had planned on doing tonight by the way). She had also gotten her old dining room table and that table, along with all those boxes are now in my new home. I still need a few things, but it will be okay to start with. 

The neighbours from across the road
(the sheep I mean, not Peppermaggot)
I will be moving on Tuesday and have a day off for that, paid as well. I will be off on Wednesday (according to my rota) and Thursday (Ascension) and Saturday and Sunday (both according to my rota). So, plenty of time to sort and unpack and order and do everything needed to get my home okay. I may be off-line for a few days, but don't worry: plenty of photos and stories coming up.


  1. Oh my ! the big day approaches, I am really not jealous ! But I am sure you will be happy in your new home with such sweet woolen neighbors !

  2. How awesome to have some of the moving done. Hope all goes well tomorrow and have fun unpacking and setting up your new home!

  3. The way I learnt port and starboard was that port has the same number of letters as left - I don't suppose it works in other languages!!


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