Thursday, 25 November 2021


Doesn't it sound as if I were seriousl ill? Instead of just recovering from am minor operation. And it was minor: in by 5 to 11, out by 10 past! The actual operation I did not feel, the anastasiea (I never know how to spell that and with two fingers this becomes even worse) worked a treatz. it was painful for my arm however as tyhey had to stem the bloodflow to my hand. They did not want a bloodbath for some reason...

But it didn't last that long and then the nurse covered my hand in a thick bandage and I was good to go. 

I am not allowed to get the bandage wet now and as I am an unwilling and clumsy leftie by now, I am having some troubles, but all in all I am doing okay. 

Apart from one thing, well a few really. I really do need to do the dishes, but as I still have some pain in my wrist itself and the hand is so thickly bandaged, that is nearly impossible. I will give it a go, but I don't know how far I will get. I did think about asking my mother, but she and my dad have tested opositive on their home test and are now waiting to hear if it is certain they do have Corona. The are both feeling quite under the weather anyway.y

On their way to get tested yesterday, they did drop off the hometrainer for me though. no walking (gammy knnee) and no proprer cycling left this option, but with my parents' home out of bounds... so, I will get back to indoor cycling today, after all, how else am I going to complete the Iceland Ring Road>.<?

Getting dressed is fine, apart from the bra. I am wearing a sports one now, but tthere is now way my dexterity is good eough yet to take it off, so I would need help there as well. And I can write, but only at a certain angle,so I do mst by writing with ny left hand. Dod I say I was a nwilling leftie?u

Right now you have read my post and I do want to apologise for all mistakes. It/s hard enough typing once, going back for corrections is not happening!


  1. Hari OM
    All on track for you - but so very sorry to hear your parents might be hit by C19. I heard this morning that there are some cases appearing now even amonth the thrice vaccinated. True the jab means less likely to end up in hospital, but it's still not great news... Well done on letting us have this news and to know that you are managing, if a bit kack-handed! YAM xx

    1. Kack handed indeed! Thank you for the lovely unexpected call. It really cheered me up.
      And Brom is definitely keeping me on the straight and narrow! We both thank you for the card as well.

  2. Glad to see all went well and you are back home. Take care of yourself.

  3. I can't type with two hands. You should see all of the typos that I make. No! You shouldn't.

  4. We're glad to hear you are doing well since your surgery. Our paws are crossed for your parents too and we hope they recover quickly. We completely understand about the mistakes and just looked past them. Please don't feel like you need to respond since you should use your good had for what is really necessary, like washing dishes. It's good to hear you were able to get the trainer from your parents so you can exercise.

  5. I still don't understand what you had at your hand. It's awful when you are righthander and have to do all things with the left hand ! Can't you get any help from the city ? We have a service here who sends you help if you are disabled for a while. Rick had one called "Family aid" who came each moning washing and dressing him. Otherwise you have to buy paper plates etc, but that's also not a solution ! Everybody now has the Covid because of these dammit tests, even if it's only a cold. And then there are people who have nothing, do a test and haved the Covid it's getting hysterical ! My son works from home because Marieken has been tested positive but a part from a little cold she had nothing.

  6. Mara I'm so sorry about your Mom and Dad feeling poorly. I do hope they test negative for C19. Do they have any idea where they might have picked up that nasty bug? I hope perhaps it is a winter cold and no worse. Although a cold can be pretty miserable.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Glad the op is over and hope you able to use your hand before too long. I have visions of your sink overflowing with dishes and you just eating out of a tin.

  8. It sounds like it is going okay. I know it can't be fun at all. I think your left hand writing looks pretty good. When do you get the bandage taken off?


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