Monday, 6 July 2020

Walk on the island in the land

These poles are everywhere in the polder.
When there's a ship on top it means there was a shipwreck here
And the plane means a plane wreck
Part of trying to lose some weight and getting fitter, is going for walks. I have set a goal of 4 exercise moments during the week and they can be the simple walk to the shop and back variety, cycling around the neighbourhood or actually going a bit further afield.

The old harbour. Now there is only land, before 1942 it was all water
This past week I didn't make the four. In fact, I think I only got as far as two. I started well on Sunday with a lovely walk through the neighbourhood, but then my knee hurt quite badly and it kept me grounded for a couple of days.

The old lighthouse and lighttower
But, once the knee was feeling better, I tried my hand (or should I say foot) on a bigger walk. Mind you, it hadn't meant to be that long, but detours and such kept me walking for longer than planned. 

Isn't he cute?
First of all, I had to drive for about half an hour to get to where I wanted to walk and then I was going to walk from the car park at the museum to the old harbour and back. Which I did. It's just that instead of taking the same route back (no fun in that), I took the longer circular route back. Basically continuing on the path. 

I saw butterflies, baby toads, wasps (see yesterday) and rocks. The latter two because I made another little detour. As you would when you're in the area anyway. My knee held up beautifully, so no problems there. My feet were another matter, as I could feel the blisters forming, but the knee was great.

The lo-o-ong and winding road
I bet that's where some creepy bug got me!
Until I had come back to the car and took off the small brace I wore. I sat in the car and basically it wasn't nice. That evening I could barely get up the stairs, because of the pain. It took several days to be subside again and even then it wasn't great walking the several hundred meters to the shops.

I will make an appointment to see my gp this week, as I don't feel this is right. Walking and cycling have so many benefits. I know I don't lose weight with the few kilometers I do, but it takes me outside in the fresh air, it helps with digestion, it gives me a tan (as well as nasty bug bites). Let's hope it's nothing too serious.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh dear - what a bummer, when enjoyment is really there to be had with all that wonderful things to see!!! Sending some 'POTP' to you. YAM xx

    1. It is a real bummer. I finally want to go out and do stuff and this knee is getting in the way! Grrrumble.

  2. I remember trying to teach about the polders and the Zuider Zee, but I never knew about the poles.

    Sorry about the mobility issues. Life can be frustrating.

  3. Well your walk looks lovely and I love the photos too. So sorry about your knee and the blisters. I will pray it isn't anything serious. With my COPD I can't exercise much and it is very frustrating. Hard to lose weight.

  4. I have a tricky knee too. I wear an knee brace when we take hikes. It doesn't bother me when I ride the recumbent bike. Different set of muscles and such I guess.
    That is the smallest toad I've ever seen.
    I'm proud of your efforts toward fitness. Baby steps will win the race too
    Hugs cecilia

  5. We're sorry to hear about your knee and hope the doctor can help you.

  6. So much beauty on your walk. Glad you are going to the GP about the knee.

    1. I agree on the beauty. That's why I like to walk as you can see more that way. Cycling is fine, but you always miss out.


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