Wednesday, 8 July 2020

The (nearly) last bastion of old carpet

I had plans to make my room a better and nicer place. It took some severe work, but in the end the result was beautiful and serene. My parents did their room up, even with the smurf wall and it was good. Then my mum's room really did need an upgrade, so we painted and had new carpet put in. 

And then one day I took something out of our 'deep closet'. Basically a closet under the stairs that is named deep because of a similar deep closet under the stairs in the place we lived before. The name just stuck. But going back: I took something out of the deep closet and realised the carpet in there had seen better days.

My dad: I am not having anything to do with it, I am busy (honestly, he was). 

Not only was the carpet a bit worse for wear, there was so much stuff crammed in there that we barely knew what was what and everything was just shoved in there to anybody's fancy. It needed sorting. 

My mum: I have done the top shelf, I am only throwing this out. 
My mum: I have done the bottom two shelves, not much to be thrown out, but everything now has a proper place.

On Monday, after meeting my new manager, I got home and my mum was ready to tackle the remaining bit: the floor. What with wine racks and loose stuff, it was a bit of guess what was there. So, first we cleared everything out. Most of it was okay, some not so much. 

The carpet that was in, came up nicely. Now the big question, what carpet to put back? In the end we went with the remaining bit of my mum's room. With a bit of work and a bit of cutting (oops, too much), the result was really nice. We were definitely pleased with the end product.


  1. Hari om
    And so you should be. Nothing beats a well maintained cupboard...regardless of depth! YAM xx

    1. I got a bit antsy about it. It was just too unorganised for me. But now it looks perfect again. Even my baking stuff is now in one place (to the left of the cardboard box).

  2. It's always good to tackle those kind of messes. Better to clean up before it gets to be too much.

  3. Mara and you and Mum did a great job organizing...
    I hope the meeting with your manager went well
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Funny how we nickname things. Looks so nice and organized!

    1. In the other place where we had a 'deep closet', it was about 3 meters deep. Here it's a meter and a half if that! But the name stuck from before as it is placed in a similar place as before: under the stairs.


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