Saturday, 1 July 2017

New Year

Do you usually have difficulties writing down the date? No? Neither do I. But, what if it's your birthday? Then what? Well....

Yesterday I kept wanting to write down 30.06.1971 instead of 30.06.2017. Just because the first one is what I always have to write when it comes to my birthday, so putting another year was just weird. I did manage though. With some crossing out. 

I spend my birthday at work. Driving a bus. Making money for the big birthday present that is now on its way to me. Well, the five birthday presents really, since I ordered five canvas prints of photos I have taken over the years. I can't wait for them to arrive, which will be sometime next week. 

I also got a lovely birthday card from Debby a few days before, which was very much appreciated, although at first glance I wondered why I got the card (I am getting old. Ahem), until I realised I was actually having a birthday a few days later. 

And then I got cards and phone calls and lots and lots of well wishes on Facebook and hugs at work. So, a good day all in all. Even though I did only eat junk instead of the planned cauliflower (my favourite birthday dish: cooked cauliflower with cornflour sauce, baked potatoes with a bit of cheese on top and sausage). There's always tonight!

Now for something completely different though: very early this morning Mice for Mama went up in the air. So, if you want a mouse: head on over and find out how to get one. Just click on the photo with the micies at the top of the side panel and hey presto! 


  1. Hari OM
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmcauliflower....... a very fave veg of mine too... in fact, the whole of that dish sounds delish - minus the sausage, of course. Right, am headed 'next door'... YAM xx

    1. I still have some veggie sausage in the freezer, thanks to Pepperfly! Would that be better??

    2. Hari Om
      definitely!!! ... order on its way, with a bit of feedback... Yxx

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Dear Mara...we apologize for missing it yesterday but we 3 seniors have been under the weather a bit.
    I think we are on the road to recovery now.
    Hugs madi an dmom

  3. Happy belated birthday!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I can't recall if I wished you Happy Birthday or not, but then I barely recall my own name. :)

    So Happy Birthday!

    As for the date, when Canada went metric back ~1980, I read a pamphlet or some such which said that the proper way to date is year:month:day, so that is how I've done it ever since. But no one else seems to do that, and I am always perplexed about the order since some people do the month first and others the day. Our government officially does in my way however.

  5. I do the same thing around my birthday always wanting to put my birth year and not the current year! Looking forward to seeing your canvas photos.


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