Monday, 3 July 2017

Going back

One of the record books I had to work my way through in the beginning
Baptism (not birth), marriage and death records
You will know that I do a bit of research here and there into my family tree(s) and I have found some real great stories along the way. Not only from far away and long ago, also some really interesting stories from more recent times. 

I will be making two books of those stories. One for my mother's side and yes, one for my father's side. I wondered which side would be the more interesting, but I found that both sides are equally interesting, just for different reasons/stories. 

My maternal maternal great grandmother in the middle
The royal connection on my mother's side is of course fantastic. Never mind that half of Europe descends from Charlemagne, we do and that is important. The story of my grandmother and how she went on a hungertrip during the war actually was my first taste of family history. I am just very sorry I never talked to my grandmother about it while she was still alive. 

The great-aunt that was born in Germany during the First World War has thrown up some questions, although most of those questions can be answered just by looking at history itself. Unfortunately the family member I tried to contact never replied to my letter, which means that any further questions remain unanswered. 

No, they are not hearts on the Frysian flag,
they are the leaves of the yellow water lily
Then there is my father's side. From the fighting nobility to the man who was charged with murder in Orléans (France). The fact that that side truly is from one very proud part of the Netherlands. From  a strange date appearing again and again (May 12th) to the young man who died in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp in Birma. 

There are religious upheavals, political upheavals, family upheavals. Women giving birth on a yearly basis, but out of the 13 children, only 4 survive into adulthood. I have found a man who, along with all the other men of the village, was charged with tax evasion. 

Unfortunately during the last few months I have not done very much with all those stories. Yes, most of them are already done and dusted, but there is tweaking to be done. Stories to complete. Photos to be found. 

The 'ordinary life' of a grandmother making coffee
There will be a distinct difference between the books. The book on my father's side will contain the 'old' stories as well as 'new' stories from living family members who have done/lived through/written/etc something similar. The book on my mother's side will not contain those stories, since there was only one aunt who responded to my request. 

I have a month left for the books. What with the mice (still making new ones as well) and work (long days, but extra days off as well), it will be a stretch, but then again, that's me: do it at the last minute. I wonder which family member I can blame that one on...


  1. Hari OM
    You are being so productive this year Mara; I admire you for it (as I am having the opposite, sadly). Perhaps the mother's side lack of communications is a story in itself??? YAM xx

  2. I am sure your work will be appreciated.

  3. Oh Mara ..... I have so much admiration for what you are doing. Unfortunately I know very little about my family and feel it is way too late to start now but I have written down everything I can think about regarding my life and what I know of my immediate family members for my children and grandchildren. I don't think it's very interesting but I'm sure they will in future years.

    1. There are some really blank areas for us as well, especially my maternal grandfather. But, on the whole I think I have found some nice stories about the family.

  4. Mara you are a busy lady. This will be a fun project.
    WE look forward to hearing you opinion of which side of the family is most interesting.
    Hugs madi and mom

  5. You certainly have found some wonderful discoveries about your family!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Those books are going to be so awesome. You inspire me to work on something like this although I have a million other things that need to be done before I would start a project like that.


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