Thursday, 22 June 2017

The list

The back of Wimpole Hall.
Possibly too big.
About six weeks ago I mentioned that at some point in the future my sister and I want to move into one big home together. We had found a kitchen we both liked and looked at our finances. 

Well, we had another look and at this moment in time, we have about enough for all the kitchen cabinets, probably the fridge/freezer and the cooker and we might stretch to a large kitchen table. As for the actual kitchen to put all that in? Not yet.

But you can't just live in a kitchen, especially not with the amount of stuff we both have. So, a list was needed with all our wishes. Here goes...
His bedroom at Wimpole Hall.
Too fussy for me
  • We want a bedroom each with adjacent bathroom and dressing room. Plus, so she won't have to watch Doctor Who and I don't have to watch her monkey show, we want a sitting room each. 
  • The large kitchen with enough room for a huge kitchen table and chairs and some additional comfy seating. Plus a pantry/larder and a utility room. 
  • A nice comfortable living room. 
  • A craft room. Mainly for storage though, the actual work will probably take place anywhere else, but the storing of all of our yarns, fabrics, buttons and what have you, will be in the craft room.
  • A library. We both have lots of books and even though we both own the same books to some degree, she also loves Harry Potter and I like my Georgette Heyer. It will also need to house the 'books' and administration needed for the house.
  • A basement for: a Lego-room for my sister. She makes those huge houses and streets and needs plenty of room for that. A wine cellar for all of our (2) bottles of wine, plus whiskey, port, amaretto and whatever other goodies we have. 
  • An indoor/outdoor swimming pool and sauna. Perhaps a small gym since we have the room?
  • 3 or more guest rooms with their own bathrooms. For all the guests that want to see what we've actually managed to achieve. 
  • Downstairs toilet. I do NOT want to have to run upstairs...
The Trevi Fountain in Rome. A bit over the top perhaps?
  • A double garage.
  • A barn to hold the garden furniture for our...
  • Big garden with orchard and fruit bushes. Perhaps a pond or small lake. Fountain is optional.
  • A linen room.
  • A conservatory.
  • A small cat's room (ie litterbox room)
  • A cinema room.
We will probably end up in something like this.
One each (there are four)
We want a symmetrical house with Georgian height rooms. Perhaps a Roman villa-style building (U-shape) with the guest rooms in the wings. Preferably everything wheelchair proof, since you never know what's going to happen in the future. We want a courtyard and a veranda. 

The chances of this all happening and us getting what we want are of course quite slim. But, if you are dreaming, you might as well dream massive! 

Now we just need to win the lottery... 


  1. I guess it's good to dream. It will be interesting to see how it will work out. What time frame are we talking about btw?

  2. Hari OM
    Oh I love those house-wishes... but the side-by-side cottages is actually a really practical (and possible) future! YAM xx

    1. It would be practical, but a bit bigger version. I was in those cottages and they were tiny. But we've got about 20 years (give or take, depending on that lottery) to realise that dream.

  3. Yes, it might be a bit bigger BOL! Better pick some lucky numbers!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Well, Brom likes the number 3. Would that be a lucky number?

  4. It sounds like you were Royalty in a past life!

    1. How did you guess? Well, not me obviously, but we do have royalty in our ancestry...

  5. Jammer, paleis Soestdijk is net verkocht!

    1. Verkeerde locatie. Uitzicht over een doorgaande weg is niet ons idee van mooi uitzicht...

  6. I think the wheelchair access will be very important when you move in in X years, lol !

  7. Oh my, that will be a pretty big house!

  8. Looks like you have all the bases covered with this list.


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