Friday, 16 June 2017

Brom sees a waterfall


Did you miss me? Did you wonder where I was yesterday? If you did, it might be wise to remember I am on holiday with the Two Dutch Dopes! The ones that took the wrong train just because it was standing at the platform. The ones that forgot money, driver's licence, tickets to the Edinburgh Tattoo. Just to give you an impression of their dopiness. 

The wrong and small waterfall
Okay then, yesterday. Do you remember the plan? If not, here it is: first we would put everything in the loft that Mara wanted to keep. Then we would take everything that Mara didn't want to keep to the Salvation Army (around 10 am). And they did that. Noooo problem. They had talked about driving to see some waterfalls that might be nice to see, so after having dropped the stuff off, that's what they did. 

Langfossen (the right waterfall)
The first waterfall they saw was a bit... ehm... small. Turns out it wasn't the right one, because only a few minutes later there was a nice big one. So, we parked the car again and took photos. We finished our lunch (bought at the small waterfall place) and continued to the next one. Which was a bit more spectacular, although I did wish Mara had brought my rain hat. Not because of any rain, but because of the spray of the water.

Låtefossen (the more spectecular one)
While driving from one waterfall to the next, the plan became: drive on to the little town following the waterfall (called Odda), get out there, walk around a bit, get back in the car and drive home. Possibly with some dinner at the small waterfall place (Åkrafjordtunet). And then they saw a sign with a large map on it. Well...

Wool on tree!
They drove straight through Odda. And just kept driving. And driving. And driving! Because they had changed the plan. Instead of Odda, they were going to see the Hardangervidda. A big nature area that was just around the corner(!). It wasn't just around the corner, but it was doable. Mara said. 

Our favourite view
We stopped in Eidfjord, because they saw some wool on trees. I mean, really? That's worthy of a stop? But, I had to grant them that: it was. After that, we got some supplies: water and bamsemums (marshmallows with chocolate) and on we went. Towards the Hardangervidda (Hardanger Plains). 

Panoramic view
Well, what can I say other than: it was soooooo worth it! It was beautiful! It was stunning! Every turn we took, there was a new view that took our breath away. Want to see snow capped mountains? What about snow covered ground and ice covered lakes? It was just... WOW!

After all that we drove down to the town of Geilo and they wondered. Because the plan had been to see the waterfalls and return home, the subject of supplies had not come up. Nor had the subject of GPS or road map, since it was an easy way to the waterfalls. It was by then around 5.45 pm and we were a long way from home. 

View over an icy lake
Mara asked at a local petrol station about the shortest way home: basically the same way we had come. The big question however was: would we? Or would we get some basic night supplies and get a hotel? Well, in the end they had themselves a pizza each and drove home! And we didn't get home until 11.15 pm!

A great tasting pizza Mara said
It was a long day and Mara (who had done all the driving) and Gera were tired when they got home. But boy oh boy, it had been a beautiful day, despite the rain on our return. That's what happens when you are having a holiday with the Two Dutch Dopes!

During the return trip.
And yes, there was plenty of rain in those clouds.


  1. You need more alliteration, so scratch the "Two Dutch Dopes" in favour of Dutch Dopes Duo. You're welcome. :)

  2. Hari OM
    Oh, but Brom, that kinda outing is called an ADVENTURE and adventures are always fun. Tiring, yes, trying, occasionally, but always, always fun!!! Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. It really was an adventure and a really nice one at that!

  3. Brom what a wonderful and peaceful photo. Mom loves waterfalls. I've never seen one.
    We can tell that Mara and Gera are not only sisters but best friends and we love the photos
    Hugs to both of them, you and Miss Oswin
    Madi your bfff

  4. We loved the beautiful sights! Sometimes a wrong turn becomes the best turn of all.

    1. We didn't take a wrong turn, we just drove a bit further than originally planned. Well, a lot further really.

  5. Yes, I missed you but figured you all were out having fun. And seeing those photos, I'd say you certainly were.

    1. And we took lots of photos, so we can show you plenty more great views!

  6. Yay! Would that include more waterfall photos?

  7. Maybe a long day but it looks to me like it was definitely worth it. The scenery is beautiful.


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