Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The old head again

People who have read this blog longer than just a few weeks will know I have been suffering from headaches quite a bit. So, imagine my absolute delight when after my operation back in February I was headache free for weeks on end! Unknown I can tell you!!

Alas, it wasn't to last. The headaches returned and seemingly more vicious than ever. And even though I never called in sick when I had a headache, today was the first time ever I did just that. I called in sick on account of a headache. 

On Monday I had to do the garden. Rain was expected and the grass was long enough to hide any mice and voles Miss Oswin thought of catching/playing with. So, out I went with my mower and I mowed and mowed and mowed. There was quite a stiff breeze and it was fairly muggy outside as well. By the time I had finished (right before a shower), I was hot and sweaty and very red in the face! Plus I had the beginnings of a sun/wind headache. 

Unfortunately that sun/wind headache developed in a proper headache and I worked that evening with said headache. It continued yesterday and I had severe trouble keeping it together. Plus I felt quite sick as well. In fact, so sick that I stopped the bus on my last stretch (it was empty) and got rid of the sickness. Ie I threw up! And I decided there and then: if I still would have a headache today, I would call in sick! 

Which I did. I called in sick. Because the head is still hurting and knowing that driving will definitely make it worse, I will take it easy at home. Have another good night's rest and hope that tomorrow it will be gone! 

I do wonder now about the cause of the headaches. I know chocolate and coffee trigger it, so I have cut them out completely. I have a feeling cheese might trigger it, so I am cutting that out as well. But it might also be contraception pill related. I will have to go and see my gp soon about that anyway, so I might ask her/him (whoever is back by then) about it. Until then: a quiet day off today and hopefully back in full swing tomorrow!!


  1. I am so sorry about your headaches returning. Yes definitely go see your doctor. Glad you called in sick. Resting seems to help migraines. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I do hopes you feel better soon
    Take care
    Loves and healing licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Hari OM
    Such prolonged numbers and duration needs investigation, Mara dear... I'd be seeking an earlier appointment with your doctor if you can get one. There always a cause for headaches - VERY important to track that!!! Will keep you on my POTP pages &*> YAM xx

  4. What you have are not headaches but a severe migraine that's a big difference. And the fact that you had to throw up is well the proof ! You should absolutely consult a specialist in migraines, it can have so many causes. Just google once and you will see you got all the symptoms ! I had a friend who had such migraine attacks and had to stay in a dark room for 3 days at least ! It was terrible for her. Finally they found out that she had a little bone in her nose which squeezed a nerve !! Took some time to find that out ! As sooner as you go and have this checked the better it is !

  5. I once read that aspirins dissolved in water were a good cure for migraines. I think it was three, but since I don't have migraines, I don't remember for sure. I do know that some swore by it, though. You could look it up -- might be worth a try.

  6. Bless your heart (as we say in the Southern States) and head. Hope you can figure out the problem.

  7. OH, I am so sorry about your headaches. I hope they end soon. If you are ever near Chicago or Madison, WI I can recommend a good headache specialist and pain management specialists. Wishing pain free days.

  8. No! I was hoping that your headaches were gone! You have some good advice up above; talking to your gp is a good idea. I hope the rest helped.


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