Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Even though she had only just arrived last Wednesday, the question Pepperfly asked me that very same evening was: which bus do I need to take to get back home again on Monday? And do I need to take a bus to get to that bus or can you take me to the busstation? My answer was a resounding 'eeeehm'! I didn't have a clue! 

I only knew what I had had to do up until Sunday and not any further. So, on Thursday morning I tried to find out which shift I had on Monday and whether I could be of any help getting Pepperfly on her way home. However, when I looked at my new rota, I was a bit confused. Because I knew I had to work this week and would have a two week holiday starting next Monday. 

I don't know where the mistake was made, but apparently I have this week and next week off! So, ehm, it's my holiday now!! Which is good, because a. I am still recovering from the climbing I did on Sunday, although it is slowly getting better and b. I can prepare everything for the holiday in an easy manner. But, it's also quite bad, since I was due to have a friend come over during the second week of my holiday (she couldn't make it, so not all is lost) and I had some other plans that now have to be put on ice. 

Anyway. Free. Off. Holiday. Laundry, dishes, paperwork. Oh, and next week a proper holiday with parents and sister that I am really looking forward to!!

PS: if you come from New Jersey or know somebody in New Jersey, could you do me a favour. I need some information about distant relatives of mine that can be found in a book called Prominent Families of New Jersey and of which there are two volumes. They are edited by William Starr Meyers (Myers). My relatives appear from page 1179 (so likely volume 2, but not sure) and are called Faber by their last name. John Faber Sr, Harry Faber, Jacob Faber, John Faber Jr and Garry Faber. The books are quite expensive to buy and I only need about three pages! Scan or copy would be very welcome. My email address can be found on the 'Me'-page. 


  1. Enjoy your Holiday, have funs!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Taking it easy right now and enjoying that very very much!

  2. Have a wonderful 2 week vacation!! OMCs you climbed up high...I hope there were lots of purrty views at the top.
    Oh dear mom used to have a friend in NJ but she moved to Florida in April.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Hari OM
    Ooohhh - glad Pepperfly asked you the question then!

    Now then... would THESE PEOPLE be able to help your search?
    YAM xx

  4. With the short notice I hope you can make the most of your holiday.

  5. I came back from my holidays in England on Sunday and see that you have your friend with you ! How nice !

  6. Have a wonderful holiday with your parents and sister! Did you have any luck finding someone in New Jersey to help? I hope so!


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