Monday, 17 August 2015

Brom's adventures in Scotland I


Well, as you may have guessed, we are home again! Ooh, it was a beautiful holiday. I saw so much, but Mara said it might be easiest to do it day by day and tell you about Everything that happened. So, here goes...

On Saturday the 8th we were picked up by a friend of Mara's who would take us to the busstation. Because the first part of our trip we would do by bus! And then a boat and then the bus again and then another bus. And then a plane. Another bus, another plane and then a car. It's a good thing I never get travel sick!!

On the ferry
When we got to Amsterdam Mara had to hurry to get to another gate. I am just glad I was in her handbag, because it looked very very busy. But Mara got to the other gate in time and there we said hello to Mara's Papa and Mama and got on the second plane. 

In Edinburgh it took aaaages to get the luggage. And then Mara's name was called: her suitcase hadn't arrived at all!! It was still in Amsterdam! How silly of the plane people! It wouldn't arrive until late in the evening and it would not be delivered to our home away from home until the next day. 

Bears were allowed!
As we got out of the airport we met Gera, who is Mara's sister. She was very clever and held up a sign so we could spot her. Together we went to get the car, which was huge!! There were all sorts of buttons and levers and things, but no thingy to put the seat forward. But they found it in the end and we could go to Inchyra where we would be staying. First though: a supermarket, because they all needed food. It's a good thing I am a bear and live on cuddles, they don't cost anything. 

The house was lovely when we got there. Mara had said it was an upside down house and I was a bit nervous about that: I can't walk upside down! But, it only meant that the kitchen and living room were upstairs and the bedrooms were downstairs. Phew...

After a long day we were all ready for an early night.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh this is a great start to telling the tale of your travels, Brom! you are such a photogenic bear... Hugs and growlies, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. What an exciting first day...We sure hope your Mama got her suitcase back!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. Hey Brom!
    Wow, what a wonderful adventure! You look fabulous in your kilt, of course and I bet that travelling was so much fun. Can't wait to see more!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

    1. The travelling was great fun. I got to see so much! Tunnels and travelators and a lot of people. And a girl with a dolly!

  4. What a journey. It's a good job you're not travel sick.

  5. What an adventure! To be separated from Mara must have been scary!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Fortunately I was travelling by handbag and not by suitcase, so Mara and I stayed together during the whole journey. Well, apart from when I went to be x-rayed. Which was fun as well!

  6. Your new kilt is splendid! Mara must be very please with how it turned out! Looking forward to hearing more about your Scotland adventures.

  7. You had quite the close call in Amsterdam! Ooooh, my big bear of a husband (his nick name is Smoky Bear) and I are coming to Amsterdam in March! And I must say again you are dashing in the kilt!

    1. Smoky Bear? That is a brilliant name!! Although I prefer Brom to be honest.
      And thank you for the compliment. I love my kilt!

  8. Never a good thing when luggage is lost!!! Hope it arrived the next day.


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