Sunday, 2 August 2015

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The way to spend our evenings

Yes yes, I know. Normally there would have been a post here called Photo on Sunday. And yesterday there would have been a little story written by the beautiful Miss Oswin. Plus all the other posts I could have written about my friend Pepperfly staying here (she arrived on Wednesday). I didn't! Busy with work (even with Pepperfly staying) and my research (even with Pepperfly staying) and all that. 

Selfie of the Treehugger and Pepperfly
So, what did we do? Since I had to work the first three days, not much. Yesterday we were supposed to go to that climbing park I took my family to two weeks ago, but checking the weather forecast beforehand, we decided a bit of second hand shopping would be in order. So, we came away with new and mostly unnecessary stuff, like beads (she) and felt (me). Mind you, she felt she needed the beads and I felt I needed the felt.

This morning however the weather looked good and we were both raring to go. So a little after nine we made our way to the park in Nedstrand (about an hour's drive) to start our little climbing expedition. We got kitted out and we went through the training course again. As you may remember, last time it was very hard to make it onto the platform again. This time? It was as hard. But fortunately I had my friend with me and she just grabbed hold of my leg and started heaving me up! Time to start the proper course!!

Barrelling along!!
We were doing the light green course first. It is the low family course, which means that everything is low: the wires to hold on to, the wires to crawl under to get from one end to the next. At times it was hard to find out how to do that, other times I just stayed on my knees! There were two ziplines and for both I needed help getting on the platform again. 

It mightn't look that high, but believe me:
 IT WAS!!!
It was high, it was scary at times, there was a lot of movement, but I did make it to the end! I was so pleased with myself. We then had a lovely picknick lunch we had taken from home. Get some strength back before our second course: the dark green one, or the high family one.

The second course was a bit easier to get through: the wires were higher, so I felt a bit safer. However, by then fatigue had begun to set in and I was getting a bit shakey. Unfortunately I would still have to do 4 parts before there was a chance to get down, but I made it through, albeit with quite jittery legs. I then got the camera off Pepperfly to take some photos of her in action, since most of the photos up til then had been of me (not complaining mind). She completed the whole course.

Pepperfly on the last zipping stretch!!
However, even if I didn't complete the whole second course, I still feel like I achieved something. I knew it was time to stop and trying to finish it would have been madness. I would most likely have frozen up at some point, which I didn't think would be wise at all. 

So, been there, done that and I did get the t-shirt as well!!!


  1. Wow, Mara. I wouldn't have considered doing such a thing, even when I was younger. Afraid of heights. I liked climbing hills, which the "mountains" in the Okanagan Valley are. I grew up there, and spent a lot of time climbing hills. But a course like this? I can't imagine it. Congratulations to both of you for doing so well.

  2. Hari OM
    Hoorahhh! You did way more than I would or could - like Kay, am more keen on keeping contact with mother earth. I had this very morning thought it has been a bit quiet from your side - and thinking that this time next week you'll be here!!! Have a great week till then. YAM xx

    1. I was glad to be back on steady ground I can tell you. Although last night I had a serious case of a wobbly feeling high up, instead of being in my bed!
      Next week! I am looking forward to it. Shall mail you this week to see whether we could meet up sometime/somewhere.

  3. You are very brave to do all those things. Gulp,mommy was scared just looking at some of those photos.

    1. I was not convinced on some of the things I had to do either. It swayed and swinged and even though it was all perfectly safe, it was pretty scary at times. But I have now done it so can cross it off as done!

  4. Wow, just looking at the photos has made me wobbly at the knees....heights are really scary!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. Good for you. This was an accomplishment for both of you.

  6. Way to go! You guys did a great job. I think that is quite a challenge, not sure I could do it but would love to try.

  7. Congratulations for overcoming the fear factor and the stamina fall out. Yeah good on you.

  8. Wow, that is an accomplishment! The Zip would be fun but you could NOT get mom on the bridge. Nope, would not happen!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. I loved zipping along. I just hated trying to get up on the platform again, since it was very difficult. For me anyway!!

  9. Oh, wow, that looks like fun! We are doing that if I ever come to visit! ;)


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