Monday, 24 August 2015

Back to normal

If I could have taken the house back with me...
After a week of the adventures of Brom in Scotland, I am back to writing again. He will have (likely) two more chances this year, but I am not saying anything about that until. Of course I have been back to normal for a week already, starting work last Monday. Well, Tuesday really since I had Monday off!

A little 'I'm sorry'-gesture to Brom for forgetting him
Plus I felt rotten with a massive headache the day before
As you could read in Brom's posts I had a great holiday with my family. From the missing suitcase (the dopes at KLM) to the missing Tattoo tickets it was a good week. Not a bad word between us. Normally I would have gotten very antsy after only three to four days of spending every waking moment in the company of my family (and sleeping moment as well for that matter), but ever since my sick leave in February/March I have gotten a bigger respect for family and as a result a higher threshold for antsyness. 

Before the holiday
Not that I wasn't glad to be home on my own again (with suitcase, I knew the KLM could do it), because I was. And waiting at home for me was a very furry and bumpy kitty-cat! Because of her long hair, she will occasionally get stuff caught in it. Like baby slugs and twigs. Or poo. So, the first thing I had to do was play hairdresser and cut her hair! Good thing she has long hair: it doesn't show at all!

Even though it was pouring out, she insisted on going out
She was back soon!
Speaking of Miss Oswin, even though she still loves to be outside, it seems that she stays closer to me now. Sleeping on the couch with me, providing there is a piece of paper to lie on, sleeping in the basket next to my bed or even (like this morning) on the bed. It will probably fade, but it's nice while it lasts. 

Brom in the garden of Cawdor Castle
Since Brom was writing the posts last week, I had some time to do other things and I spent a fair bit of time on my ancestry research. I have at the same time a better and worse understanding of my grandmother thanks to some information given to me by my parents. I have finally made the link to Charles the Great online. I had it on my baby laptop and on paper, but it took a while to fill it all in online. There is still a fair bit to be done, but I have a more set plan of what I want to do with it all in the end. 

It's uphill finding everything out, but I will get there eventually!
I want to make a book of the stories I have found. The corrupt politician, the princess who eloped, the man with the red hair, my grandmother and many more stories. And that's just on my mother's side! Hopefully I will also be giving some information about the time they were living in and the circumstances they most likely would have lived in. Talk about a job and a half!!

Anyway, those are the plans. There is still work of course, plus several other things coming up and popping up, so it won't be as soon as I think or hope. A vel, it will keep me busy!


  1. Cats have been known to do naughty things in suitcases after they have been abandoned, but I guess you lucked out.

  2. It sounded a great family holiday. I have lots of admiration for your project on constructing your family tree. Worthwhile but time consuming challenge.

  3. Hari OM
    Miss O perhaps has her own greater appreciation after your absence! Love that shot of Brom in the garden. Your family history is sounding intriguing; a life project and a worthy one! Oh it was so good seeing you again and meeting your family... I just got back to Dunoon and like you, whilst I enjoyed my week, am very glad to be back in my own space. YAM xx

    1. There's no place like home! Even if the grass had grown so high, it hid all the voles and mice Miss Oswin had caught!

      My family history has some real intriguing things in it and I can't wait to find out about it. My sister offered her help yesterday and I am going to take her up on it. Just have to find out which people she can research without too much trouble, since there is quite a bit stuck in reading rooms instead of online!

    2. Hari OM
      Whilst it is wonderful what can be found online... it is quite a moving experience to work with good old fashioned paper and ink/print! Yxx

    3. It is, but it is a bit of a pain when you are not living in the Netherlands and the archives your information is in, IS! But, we will get there! Somehow...

  4. thanks to Brom for sharing so much on the trip. Thanks to you for sharing the wonderful photography.

    1. Brom says thank you and I say thank you. My sister took part of the photos, so I can't take all the credit this time!

  5. I am glad you had such a nice time even if Brom couldn't be there. I am glad you are home safe and sound.

    Ziggy Out!

  6. So you are back home and Oswin is happy ! Maybe you will find a serial killer amongst your ancestors ?

  7. I love that house, so charming. Glad you had a nice trip with your family.


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