Tuesday 27 August 2013

The flutters

When I first thought about moving to Canada, I had never been there. I don't even think I had ever met a Canadian! But I persevered. It came to nothing. So, no Canadian lumberjack for me! Then I set my sights on Norway. A country I had never visited. Went on two short holidays, liked the place, got a job and moved. 

I love where I live. It's beautiful. I like my job. Of course it has its ucky yucky moments, but doesn't every job? And I decided at the start of my new life that yes would be the word of the day. Would I like to come on a tour? Yes. Not knowing where it went, not knowing what it was about. I would answer in the affirmative. 

There were blue plums, yellow plums and morelles for sale all along the roadside
So, that's how I found myself on Saturday morning on a coach headed towards the innards of Norway. Where we would go hiking. Now, you may remember my previous hiking experience. If you don't or are new to my life: here's a link! I told everybody about my experience, but I was told it would be allright and it would fine and it would be fun. So, YES it was. 

It would take about six or seven hours towards our destination and since I have this little condition called car sickness (don't snigger), I sat in the tourguide chair the whole way. Taking photos of this, that and the rest. The main road towards Oslo was little more than a country road. Then again, the traffic was little more than country traffic too! 

We saw some cyclists clearly on holiday. We saw a cathedral like roundabout in the middle of a tunnel. We saw some more cyclists on a tour from Voss to Geilo (mad the lot of them). We saw waterfalls and plums, tunnels and sheep and lots more besides that. 

And I fell, finally, head over heels in love. Flutters included. I love Norway!


  1. Hari OM
    ...NOW you fall in love? That place looks simply wonderful - have to add it to the list of "one day..."

    Hope there's more to this story? YAM xx

  2. I'm so glad you're happy in Norway.
    But, please note, you had met at least two Canadians before you came out here, and when you got here, you met one Canadian dog. We were disappointed you couldn't move to Alberta, but we're happy for you to have fallen in love with your new country.

  3. Hari OM
    I came back to look at the post piccies and found your FABULOUS - I SAID FAB - UUUUU - LUUUSSSSS - banner photo.

    It struck me then why I was feeling the appeal too; this is very reminiscent of the Scottish North West.... sigh....

  4. It is breathtakingly beautiful! I am glad you are so happy.


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