Thursday, 15 August 2013

Herman's mackerels

Herman needed a hobby. So, he bought a fishing pole. Went fishing in the North Sea (or the Sound of Karm). Caught a few fish. Gave me some, because I had invited him for apple pie. To which he had arrived on the wrong day, so I gave him some apple pie a few days later. 

Herman didn't just give me two fishies. He gave me ten! Ten mackerels to be precise. What was I supposed to do with ten headless and tailless mackerels? Don't get me wrong: I like fish and I like mackerel. But me and cooking fish don't really go together that well. I either burn it or I ruin it some other way. I didn't want to ruin those ten mackerels. Because as I said: I like mackerel. 

It took me a few days thinking about it. I then decided to just use a frying pan and fry them. Use a bit of fish herbs and hopefully enjoy it afterwards. Well, you know what: I guess I can do something with fish, because they taste great! 

Thank you Herman. Or should I say dziękuję... (however that may be pronounced)


  1. You are lucky that after a "few" days the fish was still good, lol !

  2. Must feel good, to have such nice collegues! (Although I can imagine you won't be eating mackerel for a while, after you finished this lot. ;-) )

  3. The ideal thing to do with a fish that size—pan fry it! My father would have been proud of you.

  4. Hari Om
    Now, I have to assume there is a freezer involved here...? Great choice of preparation. Mackerel is a solid fish which also makes excellent curry ingredient. Then there's the good old wrap it in foil and bake in it's own juices.

    All this from a vegetarian! (I suspect I shall return to seafood eating at some point....sigh). YAM xx

  5. That was so sweet of him and how awesome that he cleaned them too! They look yummy.

  6. Do you have a microwave? I often cook fish in that, because they don't dry out and you can keep checking on them. I cook them at 3/4 heat. Yum! They don't take long to cook.

  7. Are you familiar with the expression, Holy Mackerel?"


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