Thursday, 8 August 2013


Over the past week and a half we have had some strange weather here in Norway. At least the West coast where I reside. Like the past weekend. Friday had been awfully hot and the expectations had been that early Saturday morning (basically the middle of the night) there would be thunderstorms and a lot of rain. A great deal of rain! But I slept soundly and when I woke up to go to work, the roads were dry and the sky wasn't clear, but it wasn't threatening either.

Only an hour or so later it changed. The professed rain was arriving! And my did it arrive! Within minutes of the rain starting, rivers came down the road. Swirling water where it would go down into the sewage system, deep puddles and even bigger splash-ups while driving through said puddles. 

It seemed to come down in waves though. It would ease off for a few minutes and then a new load would be coming down. The photo was take from the bus during a lull. It was still raining, but not as heavily. This brave man is holding an umbrella, but I know from experience that that was quite futile, since there was quite a bit of wind as well!

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  1. We too have been having torrential rain!

  2. We've had the rainiest summer in years.
    Thanks for worrying about our trees. The two experts we interviewed, from different companies, both said our trees are healthy but many of the branches are not. They said the very top of the tree is very healthy. So we will have them come and take away the dead branches, and trim the trees into better shapes so that they are not a danger to the lawn, the bushes, and the dog below (oh, and the house).

  3. De hitte van vrijdag... en het water van de afgelopen dagen staat inderdaad in schril contrast met elkaar.... en toch heeft beiden zijn voor- & nadelen...

    mooie foto!!

  4. Je weet dat wij liever het constant mooie weer preferen van Andalucia. Nu vinden wij het daar te heet. Eind augustus gaan wij weer de goede kant op. Heb je deze foto met je iPhone vanuit de bus genomen? Zowel Albert als ik vinden hem super. Kan je ons het origineel sturen? BvD. Lieve groeten van je naamgenoot Mara vanuit Nederland.

  5. I had one day rain in England, the wind was so strong that it turned my umbrella over, I didn't know how to walk, lol !

  6. Love the picture, the town looks so charming.

  7. Y'know, I forgot to check blogs for a whole week. Just forgot all about them. Senility.


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