Monday, 19 August 2013

Fresh air

Now, you know I live in a cottage in the Norwegian countryside. I have shown you photos of said cottage, both inside and outside and even showed you my garden! I haven't however, shown you anything else. Nothing from the neighbourhood. And the reason is that I hadn't seen anything of it! Of course that isn't quite true, since I do drive to and from work and even on the job I drive past my home on occasion. But unless there are cows in the road and I manage to grab my camera, I haven't taken any photographs. 

Yesterday I was feeling a bit ucky and decided fresh air was needed. I donned my walking shoes and a coat, grabbed my camera and headed out. And here are some of the photos I took. Let's start with the top one shall we? This is the road I drive to work every day. It's 3,5 meters wide (about 12 feet) and it's not very busy. The second photo is of a little house that my sister might actually recognise. It was the one I pointed out as 'would like to live there if only there were glass in the windows and good insulation'. It is one of several empty and decaying houses in the neighbourhood. 

The third and fourth photo are of Torvastad Church and part of its cemetery. I have not yet visited the church, although I do believe it has regular Sunday services. The cemetery is massive. Especially considering the fact that there are not that many people living in the area. It did look lovely and peaceful though and I wouldn't mind spending eternity there. Once I am dead that is of course. Which I hope will not happen for a good many years to come!!

The last photo is of another small dwelling that has been left to its own devices. I was able to look inside and there were upturned beds, an old sink, paint pots and lots of other junk. It is such a shame and I wouldn't mind owning that little one. I would turn it into a small guest home for friends and family I think. I can just picture it in my head. I wonder what I would have to do to get that done??

I took lots more photos and will be posting them over the coming few days. I will also be making my way outside a bit more often. And of course I will bring my camera with me!!!


  1. Abandoned houses always look so forlorn and raise all sorts of questions.

  2. Hari OM
    Lovely Mara - we are drawn to similar things and scenery I suspect! Wouldn't it be wonderful to bring life back into those cottages? We can dream... looking forward to more from the neighbourhood. YAM xx

  3. I wonder why so many houses are abandoned. Has everyone moved to the town? Is there perhaps another reason? Just curious.

  4. 'The cemetery is massive. Especially considering the fact that there are not that many people living in the area.'

    Duh! Obviously most of them have died ;-)

    You live in a beautiful area. It looks so peaceful and lovely. What a difference to where you lived in the Netherlands. I understand that you'd want to rescue those cute cottages. Shame they have been left.

  5. I just wanted to write the same as Carolina above, lol ! They all died.
    You live in a very nice rural area, really beautiful ! Strange that there are empty houses.

  6. It is all so charming and beautiful. I am so happy for you.....


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