Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Sheep is on the left side of the road
As I was walking along the road on Sunday, I all of a sudden saw a sheep. Now, it's not so unusual to see a sheep in this here neighbourhood, but this one was on the run so to say. Which come to think of it, is not so unusual either!

Catch me if you can...
I managed to take a photo of it as it darted towards the field where it belonged, but it didn't couldn't get in said field. Then a tractor arrived with the owner of the sheep behind the wheel. He tried to corner it in that little piece of land, but the sheep was having none of it. The sheep escaped and the tractor followed. To the right and then fortunately it 'escaped' towards a house. The farmer parked his tractor, got his dog out and disappeared.

I think they managed to get the sheep back into its field. Reunited with its fellow sheep. Because about five minutes later the farmer and his dog came back. 

I do wonder about all these sheep (and cattle) though. Are they so clever in this part of the world? Or are the farmers just a bit lazy in putting up good fencing? Because as I was driving home from the shops yesterday I saw three escaped sheep...


  1. What were they trying to escape, I wonder? Had they premonitions of their fate?

  2. Hari OM
    As one from a long line of shepherds (gone with the passing of my eldest Uncle, sadly) I can tell you sheep are anything but smart. They just follow the grazing and if that happens to be through a break in the fencing or dyke, so be it. This is a common sight in Scotland also.

    Not really a problem for the farmer or the sheep. Rather a concern for the drivers on the roads they choose to trot!!

    Loved seeing and reading this Mara! YAM xx

  3. I wonder which it could be. I would like to think that the farmers are smart enough to have great fences!


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