Monday, 8 October 2012

Whipping it

I had decided I wanted to make eclairs this weekend. I have made them before and they were yummy, so I thought I would make them again. I had decided on a raspberry and whipped cream filling and a white chocolate cover, which of course is a perfect combination. 

First I had to go to the supermarket and buy all the ingredients. Then, as I cooked the water and the butter to melt the butter, added the flour and then the eggs, everything was alright in the world. I squirted large eclairs on a tray and stuck them in an oven. And then it was the turn for whipped cream. Unfortunately I had forgotten to get lemon juice, but I thought that washing the bowl and the mixing thingies would work just as well. Wrong! After ten minutes I still had a liquid with some scummy stuff on top. So, off I went to the supermarket for the second time.

I came back with more whipping cream and lemon juice. I cleaned out the bowl real good with the juice and starting whipping again. Ten minutes later I threw it away: liquid and scum does not equal whipped cream. Fortunately I also have glass bowls, so I cleaned one of those and poured in more cream to whip. Two minutes later I had butter!

By now I was fed up and I made a third trip to the supermarket. This time to get the ready-made stuff! Fortunately that worked very well with the mashed raspberries and I was finally ready to start filling the eclairs. But then the next problem arose: how was I going to do that? I have one of those pastry bags with a lot of nozzles (for lack of a better word), but they were too big and the size I needed, I did have, but it didn't fit in the pastry bag!

Well, finally I was so fed up with it all, I accepted the suggestion of my friend: slice them open and fill them that way. Not the proper way I know, but by then I was ready to bin the whole lot! After having 'filled' the eclairs I set to melting the white chocolate and cream. However, I didn't let it cool off enough after and the eclairs we enjoyed stuck to nearly everything! They were yummy though!!!


  1. You show great tenacity when it comes to eclairs ... as well as in other things, I think. :)

  2. Oh dear, you certainly worked hard for your eclairs, and I'm glad you enjoyed eating them after all that. Bravo.
    Now I want a chocolate eclair.

  3. They sound yummy. I really dislike when I'm baking and I have issues like that! Cutting them and filling them was a great idea. Glad you got to enjoy them.


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