Saturday, 27 October 2012

Water and bread

This was our staff outing this year!
Last night I had to work for a company going on their annual staff outing. They are not usually the most fun jobs, since they mostly involve perfectly normal people on the way in and blind drunk ones on the way back. However, yesterday was different, at least the blind drunk part!

It started off with nobody knowing where we were going. And that included me! I mean, I knew the address and knew where that could be found and I had an inkling it might be the old prison in Leeuwarden, but I wasn't certain. By the time we were at about 400 meters from the prison, we found a closed road! Which was annoying to say the least. But, I know the town fairly well and immediately took another way. 

Unfortunately all the work carried out in the center of that town had changed it from being a thoroughfare to a pedestrian zone! And then the buslane was closed as well. So, I did a u-turn and decided to take the ringroad around the center. Fortunately it's not a big town and it only cost us about five minutes. When we arrived at the prison however, it was easy to see it was going to be difficult to park the coach. Until I had a brainwave: I was going to reverse in!

After a lot of bumps (pavement, more pavement and some other things I didn't want to look up), I had parked and the people got off. They made their way into the prison, while I did some more to-and-froing to get my coach parked a bit better. Fortunately the guys who were working on the road (hence the closure), were helping me out in stopping all other traffic. 

I made my way into the prison after that as well and after a short stop made my way into one of the cellblocks. I immediately had a chalkboard with a number thrust into my hands and a photo was taken of me in my sorry state (hello, I drove the convict bus!). It was to be a show with three convicts and a guard. They sang, did games and interacted with the group. Of course I wasn't of the group and even though it was all very funny, it is harder for me to get into the spirit of things when I don't know anybody!

After dinner I made my way back to the coach and waited for them there. By the time they came back, the roadworks had finished and we could make our way easily (well, bar the pavements) out of town. Another day crossed of my to-do list!


  1. That's something special to celebrate in prison, lol ! I only have been in Al Capone's cell in Alcatraz, that's all !

  2. Well that was an interesting trip for you but it sounds like an unusual place for a staff outing!

  3. The guy from your party who is bowling also looks like he's in a jailbird shirt.


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