Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Isn't it always the case?

As you know I have been looking for a job in Norway for a couple of months now and in August I even had an interview and a test drive in Bergen, Norway. I felt the interview went fine, didn't think I did too badly on the driving part and was eagerly awaiting the result. Which I wrote about here! Ever since then however, there was complete radio silence. Which was annoying to say the least, because you want things to be moving along. Fast, faster, fastest!!!

So, this weekend I started looking for another job. In Lillehammer (where they speak Bokmal) or Horten (also: Bokmal). It took me hours to come up with an application letter, but on Sunday night I emailed two of them, together with my cv. And again I expected news within a day. Preferably even sooner, but that would be ridiculous, even I know that. 

Well, it wasn't a day, it was two days. But it wasn't from either the company in Lillehammer or in Horten, it was from the first company, saying (drumroll please!): Have received your paperwork. Have opening for bus driver. When can you start? Please contact me! Well, I did a lot of air punching I can tell you! I just need it to sink in a bit and I will then contact them about when and where and what and how and all the other question marks involved in a new job and new surroundings. 



  1. Congratulations! Adventures await you. It will be interesting to know the details.

  2. Really ?? that's wonderful ! congratulations you dreams came true !

  3. That is fantastic!
    How exciting...wishing you all the best.


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