Tuesday, 2 October 2012

On the blonde side

Over the years I have fought very hard against all the prejudices about blondes. Because apparently we blondes are of the silly variety. The dumb sort. The not so clever nitwit type. And I don't think I am one of them. Since I have encountered silly, dumb and not so clever women who didn't have blonde hair. So, I have started referring to the silly, dumb and not so clever as 'blonde on the inside'. With the brain of a castrated peanut! 

Anyway, to cut a very long dissertation about being blonde and all it entails short: I was blonde this weekend. On the inside unfortunately. Which makes it doubly bad, since I am also blonde on the outside! Oopsie!

What happened you ask? Well, I had an idea for a lovely blogpost on Saturday, but couldn't really be bothered to go up to my office/workroom/messy room to write it, deciding it would keep very well until Sunday. Which it did. It didn't go off, it didn't grow mould, it was still as fresh as on Saturday. Come Sunday however, my internet connection was playing up. It does that more often and there is a very simple solution: unplug the modem, wait fifteen seconds, plug modem back in and Bob's your uncle. 

I trotted down the stairs, nearly stepping on the big red monster and unplugged the modem (which is situated in the living room). I cleared some cat toys, emptied the snot-bucket, made myself a cup of tea and went back upstairs. But whatever happened: the internet didn't. I tried the baby, but here as well: no luck. I was grrrr'ing by this time, decided I would play a game and go back down. The story would have to keep until Monday.

Monday arrived and as I got back from my morning shift, I saw the lights of my modem weren't on, nor on the wireless doohickey. So, I phoned my dad, who had to trot upstairs to get the internet going, so he could find out whether they were doing maintenance on the line here. Which they didn't. He then asked me whether the modem was plugged in? Well, of course it was and I would walk up and show myself it was....

All you clever people have already noticed of course that between cat toys, snot-bucket and tea, I never plugged the modem in. I plugged it in and lo and behold, the lights came on (in the modem) and after I started the computer I could even get online again.  

The story that could keep? Nowhere near as good as this post unfortunately...


  1. Hahaha ! I am blond too, but a similar adventure happened to my friend Dominique, her TV didn't work at all anymore. She had tried out everything possible, had unplugged and plugged the modem for digital TV, nothing to do. Finally she called Mr. G for help. He went over, came back with a big grin on his face, she had tried to find the TV channels with her DVD player remote control ! and she is a brunette, lol !

  2. Oh my Mara, that is definitely a blonde story! Kinda like my TV the other week where we were going to go by a new one and it was only the unplugged cable thingy. Glad your up and running!

  3. Mara, we all have our blonde moments, even those of us who are bald.


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