Sunday, 28 October 2012

Crossing off

As most things right now are set in motion for a smooth move to Viking country, I seem to look at the world I live in with new eyes. Plus, I keep mentally crossing off all the things I have to do with 'next time this will be in Norway'. 

Yesterday I had another late shift: starting at a decent hour in the afternoon, but finishing past 2 in the morning (wintertime not included). And it dawned on me: it would be the very last time I had to take those people into or from work. Their season is ending and the next time will be around Easter again. By which time I will be in Norway. 

Today I will have to do a football run. Picking up passengers around town and then take them to their local stadium where a football match will be held. I was hoping of course it would be the last time, but alas: next Wednesday they have another match and that means I will have to do it again. Of course all those weird and wonderful (ahem) working hours do mean extra money, so I am not complaining too hard!

In the mean time it is quite weird to see my home slowly change into a house with boxes and packages. My wardrobe is mostly empty now, my bookcase completely gone and all the books packed, the shelves in my office/messy room are partly empty and I don't even really know what the remainder is! Next weekend I will be starting on the kitchen and living room, packing away everything I don't need on a day to day basis.

The last time I moved, with the help of my parents, a neighbour to my parents, a good friend and yours truly (my sister is usually absent when I move), I was very ill prepared. My Dad nearly had a fit when he arrived in the morning and saw what needed to be done/packed! He didn't know that I had asked said neighbour to lend a hand, but he was still quite dismayed. Don't worry Dad: this time will be different!! 


  1. Moving is a big deal and even an ordeal.

  2. Glad it is all running smoothly for you. Yes when you ask someone to help you move they normally don't plan on packing things up for you. That dirty work needs to be done when they arrive :)

  3. Commenting on this post and the two previous: wow, you are working very hard, both at home and at work. Will you still be in your house next month? You and the cats with lots of boxes and no stuff?
    See you soon (will you still have clothes to wear?)!!
    Luv, K
    (Dick would say hi, but he's not here, and Lindy can't say hi because she's on her window seat behind me, snoring very loudly.)


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