Thursday, 11 October 2012

Oh my, oh my!

After I let it sink in yesterday and told my colleagues about it, I got on the phone today to talk to the manager over in Norway. I can't say I understood every single word he said, but he understood what I said, which was good. He asked me again when I could start and I told him: December. He said November would be good too, but I stuck to my guns: I need the time! We talked a little more, most of which (I am sorry to say) went right over my head, but when he asked whether I needed help with a house search I did tell him yes, and mind the cats as well!

So, now I am waiting for a contract to sign, because I will not quit my current job until I have written proof that I have a new one. No point in ending up on the dole! I've already told my boss that I have a new job, pending the contract of course and I have already contacted two moving companies. One has already sent me a quote, but it needs a bit of revision and the other one needs to look at my stuff and then give me a quote.

Right now I can still hardly believe that the thing I have worked towards for so long (seven years I think it is, even if it was Canada before Norway) is about to happen. I am about to start a whole new chapter of my life. And I can tell you already: I will have several sleepless nights coming up!


  1. Good stuff. You will have much blog fodder for a long time -- not that you struggle to find material.

  2. Men are crazy ! He thinks you can put your flat on a truck and leave everything and start in about 2 weeks ! Crazy ! Don't you have to give a notice to your actual employer, in Belgium you can't leave just like that it depends if you are an employee you have to give 3 months notice, unless they agree to let you go earlier. Be sure that everything is OK and checked, not to get bad surprises afterwards. How is health insurance in Norway ??

  3. I agree with Anvilcloud, but also with Gattina. So much to do, so much to consider, and then, so much to write about!
    I'm just thrilled to be able to see you before you go, and I won't promise not to cry, because I'm still disappointed you couldn't come to Alberta, but I'll only cry a little bit. I'm really very happy for you, and Dick and I will just have to visit Norway, won't we?
    Luv, K

  4. It's all moving along so quickly and it is all so wonderful. I can't imagine starting all over on this amazing new leaf of your life!
    I know you have dreamed of this for such a long time and to actually have your dream come true is so exciting. God Bless You.

  5. Tusen takk for din hyggelige kommentar på bloggen min!! Ser du søker jobb i Norge, derfor skriver jeg på norsk. Håper du forstår;)
    Ønsker deg masse lykke til med jobbsøkingen og håper du vil trives i Norge!!
    God helg:))


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