Thursday, 11 October 2012


Several years ago I took a three day sailing course. I shared the room with several unknowns, shared the boat with some more of those unknowns and was absolutely terrible at sailing. There was hardly any wind and it was therefore very difficult in deciding where the wind actually came from. Besides that, having the steering in the back goes against everything in my nature! And to top it all of, I got seasick! Yes, a tiny little boat, hardly any wind and I got seasick. Not my best time I can tell you!

On the night before I got sick though, we had to learn our knots. Me and this other woman were trying our best, but we only seemed to get the knot completely knotted and as a result we were in knots as well. It was a great night and we enjoyed ourselves very much. The photo proves it as well: a lot of joy we had! Unfortunately I don't remember her name and we obviously didn't stay in touch either.

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  1. Leuke herinnering Mara en invulling van de challenge. Deze keer groetjes van mij want mijn Mara is aan het werk.
    Vanuit die 'dolfijne' stad,
    saludos de Albert

  2. Het is goed te zien dat jullie hier pret hebben. :-)

  3. Sounds like a fun time except for getting seasick. So you signed up all by yourself. Your a brave soul.


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