Thursday, 25 October 2012


Some houses in Bergen, I especially like the green one
It took some effort today to get the books all packed (11 in total, not counting the photo albums: a further 3!), because this afternoon somebody was coming over to get my book case. Once the case was empty though, I had to take it apart, which took a bit of work, since I always nail in all the nails provided by that Swedish furniture maker. In the end my colleague and his wife helped/did the most part and now there is a big void where the bookcase used to be!

I just have to clean that area now and then stick all the boxes there that I moved to another room only the day before yesterday! After all I need to be able to do my laundry as well!! And I can't reach the ironing board, let alone my clean laundry.

Tonight a friend of mine is coming over for a little celebration. Perhaps I will just run out and get some nice nibbles, because celebrating with some dry toast is not celebrating in my view. Another friend was invited as well, but she is off galivanting on some island apparently, so not much use in tonights celebrations. We will all have to get together sometime in the very near future though.

My colleague asked me when I would organise my leaving do and whether 'the boss would pay?' Well, the leaving do will be soon, but I have severe doubts as to my boss paying for it. Although it doesn't hurt to ask of course...

So, more boxes packed, more things organised and there aren't enough hours in the day. Hopefully everything else goes as smoothly as yesterday and today.


  1. 11 boxes of books? You sound like me.
    And an empty bookcase is a sad sight, almost as sad as seeing it leave.
    I hope your boss does pay for your leaving 'do' because I'm certain there was never such an entertaining bus driver as you in all of The Netherlands, perhaps in all of Europe.

  2. Your making great progress. Since you gave your notice are you totally done at work? Have fun at your celebration.

  3. Congratulations on getting the two jobs finalized. I do find it odd that you must organize your own farewell. Is that a custom or is it just because you are the only one who can organize it? BTW, what is an ironing board? (kidding)

  4. It must be very cosy now, sitting amongst cartons and boxes, lol !


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