Friday, 5 October 2012

Where I should be...

Taken back in June
Right now I should be driving somewhere in the North of France on my way to Paris. Where I would probably battle with the traffic trying to get into Paris. Where I would wonder whether I would be able to make it to the Eiffel Tower and back to the hotel within my 10 driving and 15 working hours. But instead, I am home. Because the trip got cancelled due to an incident on another continent, which might influence the trip. 

Now I have enough time to tidy, clear and clean my work room. Which it very desperately needs, since there are boxes everywhere. Filled, half-filled, closed and open. I nearly knocked one down the day before yesterday. It looks a bit like a hoarder's home: piles and piles of stuff through which you have to wade before getting to the computers. I wonder if I can find some more treasure that way as well. After all, I found a cd of the best of Pink Floyd the other day. Never knew I had it...

So, I will be getting to work and hopefully find some treasures...


  1. Sorry your trip was cancelled but having some extra time to get yourself organized is a good thing!


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