Thursday, 25 November 2010


There are times when I wonder about my own sanity. I will give you an example. I can only spend a set amount of money each week. It's not that I don't have more, I just want to keep saving, so I set myself an amount. And I can buy anything I like with that. So, if I see a china snowman I really like, I will buy that and hope there's enough food in the freezer. Last week though, there was no snowman in sight and it was just food. Apples. Three kilos (over six pounds) of them. Dutch grown, not too expensive. Great!

I hate apples. Don't get me wrong, I love apple pie and apple sauce and anything appely (new word people), I just don't like apples. Unfortunately they are also one of the few foods you can eat behind the steering wheel without mess. You don't need to peel them, they don't drip and they are not too big. It's just that I don't like eating apples.

So of course you are now thinking: then why did that blonde (insert insulting name of your choice here) buy three kilos of apples? Well, ehm, I don't know. They were cheap?

Anyhow, today I was supposed to drive school children to PE class, but the afternoon session was cancelled this morning. Which meant I had a few extra hours off. And I thought about those apples. When I got home I got the self raising flour out. The butter, eggs, sugar, raisins and of course the apples. And I kneaded and rolled, I cursed (the dough was too dry) and I chopped and I made not one, but two apple pies. Yes, the photo at the top is of one of my own apple pies.

I still have seven apples left though...


  1. Hmmm ... I think a good eating apple should drip a bit or at least ooze slightly when you bite into it. Having said that, I'm not a huge fan either, I guess, but on most days I'll eat one at lunch time, just for the health of it.

  2. As American as... hey, wait a minute.
    Enjoy your pies! What about some waldorf salad with the rest of the apples?

  3. Oh, Mara, too funny. Dick would be proud of you. Of course, he loves eating apples, especially close to my ear, but he'd be proud of you for buying something because it's a bargain. He does it all the time, but I'M the one who has to figure out what to do with a box of bananas, or 10 pounds of potatoes (there are only two of us here) or 4 whole chickens.
    Now I'm hungry for apple pie, of course. I grew up in an apple-growing valley in British Columbia, and I have made more apple pies than I can remember, starting when I was a teenager and continuing long after we stopped getting free apples.
    Brings back lots of memories, and today is a day of memories, as you'll see from my next post.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Well you know what they say about an apple a day. I'm not sure if the same goes for an apple pie a day. But you can always try ;-) I love apples. Especially in pie. But also just raw. Not all apples though. I'm very particular in my choice of apple to eat. I like Jazz the most. And when I was in Great Britain last time, I bought a bag of Discovery apples which were totally delicious. Not seen them in a Dutch shop yet.

  5. Make apple crumble and serve with custard :-)

  6. I will pass on the waldorf salad (celery is even worse than an apple), but the apple crumble sounds good. As soon as I've eaten the apple pie...

  7. Very cute post. The pie looks delicious. Enjoy!

  8. Mmmm. That looks good. Warmed up with vanilla ice cream....

  9. Well good for you! To be honest, I don't think I've ever made an apple pie. I'm not that excited about pies, but apple crumble sounds good.


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