Monday 15 November 2010

Crowd surfing

Just in case you were wondering how I ended up crowd surfing Saturday evening, here's the (little) story. I was in my seat enjoying Grace Jones strutting her stuff and let me tell you: she is very good at strutting her stuff too, when one of the coach passengers tapped me on my shoulder. The couple who had beens sitting next to me had left, because he had started shaking a lot. He had something wrong with his ears and combining that with a sleepless night and extremely loud music caused him to almost collapse. If he could please sit on the coach.

So, I got my coat and moved towards the exit. By then it was 8.45pm, the concert wouldn't be finished until 11.30pm! I told him he was welcome to sit on the coach, but it would be cold (and he was already freezing) and I wouldn't let the engine run for three hours. In the end he went with the first aid people to a little quiet room to sit out the rest of the concert and I made my way back into the stadium.

Of course the seats are never roomy and spacious, and the space between them is even smaller, especially with people sitting in them. As I bothered the first person, so I could pass him, I failed to notice there was a step down. I went sailing! Fortunately only sideways, imagine if I had been going downhill: a new Eddie the Eagle!! I managed to get back up and get to my seat and sat there until I had to leave, not even taken advantage of the break.

Right now it's very sore and tender and I have to be careful getting up. Well, as my mother always says: this too will pass before I am a little boy...


  1. Before you're a little boy ...

    That's a new expression to me. Happily, it doesn't sounds as though too much damage was done.

  2. Poor you! I hope you're feeling more comfortable now.


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