Friday, 19 November 2010

August 17th, 857

The ladies in waiting are angry with me. Because I've become 'a bit too arrogant'. Is it my fault that I am allowed to sit next to the King? I don't care either way, since it's very boring, but the King wants it and he wants everyone to call me Queen Judith. I do like that. I've heard I'm the first who's allowed to sit next to the King. Even Osburgha wasn't allowed to do that, but then she didn't have a Frankish King for a father. Haha...


  1. Ha-ha is right. She'll show the lot of them!

  2. Who wouldn't like being called a Queen?

  3. She is in my chair!!!
    It's funny how people get jealous.
    She didn't have a choice.


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