Monday, 8 November 2010


Sometimes I feel my job is so futile. Picking people up in one spot, dropping them off in another spot. Waiting for the people to show up. Waiting inbetween jobs. Taking a (mandatory) break. Waiting in front of traffic lights. Waiting for a colleague to show up. Waiting waiting waiting...

Of course it isn't all bad. I saw two 'great egrets' today. They have been coming to my area for a few years now and every year there are a few more. And while driving to my first job of the day I saw a long double line of cyclists all with their lights on (there must have been a police check recently) cycling to school. And of course I got back home to my four monsters vying for attention and wanting an open door to the outside (Wuppie and Mathilda) or food (Sophie and Linette).

Do you know, I promised you a better post, but I don't think it's quite happening right now. Would it be blogger's block, the weather (water cold, brrrr) or something else? I will tell you as soon as I have figured it out! 


  1. Maybe you've caught a chill, as my grandmother would have said. Bundle up warm, drink hot liquids (no caffeine) and get some of those cats to cuddle with you. I know how tough it can be for women who live alone. Go to work, come home, and all you get is "Feed me, feed me!" or "Let me out of here!"
    Of course, some married women get the "Feed me, feed me" treatment from kids and husbands, as well as from pets.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Always good to read what you have to say Mara. I love the idea of your four little cats waiting for you to come home. It's almost as though they are clock watching and waiting too.

  3. I am sure that most people feel that way about their job regardless of what they are doing.
    Really cute picture.

  4. I just had a coach ride to my mum's and back at the weekend - and I really appreciated the drivers who got me there and back - and safely. Not futile at all, jolly useful for me - so don't you go thinking no-one notices. I even told one of them I thought he drove really skilfully in the heavy rush-hour motorway traffic (he did) and he nearly fell off his seat in amazement! I don't suppose anybody usually says anything unless its a complaint. The waiting bit must be boring. There's a bus driver in England who takes photos and blogs about his work!

  5. life is that, isn't it? It's a cycle. Our dishes and clothes constantly need washing, our bed is rumpled, trash can full, job demanding- same thing every day. But there are delightful things that keep us happy and keeps us going- like your egrets.

  6. Brain break time. But I think any time the cats make an appearance, it's great!

  7. Your job is far from futile! Think of all the vehicles you are keeping off the roads by driving the drivers.
    I love the flowers in your photo.

  8. It must be neat to see all of those cyclists like that. We don't have that to the same extent over here.


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