Sunday, 14 November 2010

And again!

Did I mention about the football? I am sure I did, quite recently in fact. So, how did I find myself in yet another football stadium (home of Vitesse Arnhem)? Easy: the group I had to take had an extra ticket and asked if I wanted it. Well, it beats sitting in a cold bus or spending four hours at MacDonalds (the only other option really), so yes please!

I must say, I wasn't disappointed. For starters it was nice and warm inside and more importantly: no football fans screaming their heads off and stomping and beating drums. And when it got started... it got started! First some Belgians came on and then (in my mind anyway) the best part of all: Boy George! Yes, the singer in case you were wondering. And he was followed a while later by Grace Jones. Barry Hay (Golden Earring, a Dutch rock band famous in the US for Radar Love) and John Miles and last but definitely not least: Jon Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater Revival).

Oh, did I forget to mention there was no football in sight? That's because it was the Night of the Proms! I knew there were some perks to my job. Although I don't know whether Grace Jones' bare back (from top to toe) is really that much of a perk...

Anyway, apart from a minor thing that makes me loose sleep that involved not seeing the steps I had to go down and falling headlong into the audience, I loved the evening, the music and I now understand why people go to concerts: It's brilliant!!!


  1. Nice perk. Sometimes things work out really well.

  2. A football stadium can be a pleasant place - when there are no footballers present. I hope you're not too badly bruised from your fall. Didn't anyone take a photo??

  3. Oh, Mara, you saw JOHN FOGERTY????????
    I am absolutely sick to death with envy, jealousy and all those other nasty things.
    I adore John Fogerty. I always loved CCR and of course, he was the heart and soul of the group. I love him all to little tiny bits.
    Lovely for you to see the others, also, but I could quite possibly live for the rest of my life without seeing Boy George or Grace Jones, although if one or other or both were appearing in the city next to our town, I'd maybe go, but JOHN FOGERTY!!! When we meet you next spring I just might faint at the excitement of having a friend who actually saw him.
    Dick likes him, too.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. wow, im sure the fall was worth it for all you got to see hu? just joking. I want to know if you are ok?

  5. Sorry about the fall. What an awesome time you had. I would have loved to see Boy George! So glad you got to attend.


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