Wednesday, 29 September 2010


When you read my blog, have you ever opened any of the tabs right beneath my photo? The one about me, which tells you who and what I am? Or the one about the books I've read recently called Reads? How about my Guestbook, where you are very welcome to leave a little word for me. Then there's the one about desserts called Food which may put on the pounds just by reading it. And then of course there's my dreams and goals.

Well, if you come back tomorrow, I will tell you all about number 10 from that list of dreams and goals, since today...


  1. Waiting with bated breath to hear about #10! Will there be pictures?

  2. Oh, Mara, you didn't, did you?
    And you look so sensible!!
    Not that I don't have female family members who have them, too, but I always think it is masochistic to subject oneself to unnecessary pain.
    Brrr, the thought makes me shiver.
    -- K

  3. Tapdancing, on the other hand, makes perfect sense.

    And I'd happily join you for tea in London.

  4. Of course, I'm female, although not the books so I've done that now seems you asked, LOL. I read the Guernsey Pie one this year as well, I liked the unusual letters format.

  5. I thought I did, but it appears that I didn't. I had to go to desserts first because I am craving sweets and now I want several of them. and I am wih Ginny. I'll post pictures of mine, if you post pictures when you get one :)

  6. I keep telling you I will teach you how to ride a horse. And I can show you a great tattoo parlor (I got my first and only sometime near my 50th birthday)

  7. no i havent and i am going to go look right now

  8. OMG! Can't wait to see the photos!


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