Friday, 3 September 2010


My garden. My cats LOVE it!

As I mentioned in my last post, I could need a hunky man doing my gardening. I could do with any man or woman to do my gardening really, since 'it's a jungle out there'.

In May I got a letter from the council/housing corporation. I had to make sure my garden was spic and span and clean and tidy. Then in June I got another letter: it had to be done by July. So, I set to work on the garden near my front door, my dad got in on the act, we even got a new broom to brush up all the debris.

Forward to August and I receive a letter. Since I hadn't complied, they were sending a gardener to me and the bill would be mine as well. Big sigh. And then I thought, well, if they're coming anyway, why should I do any more? They came on Monday. Pulled out all the plants, used a spade to turn everything upside down (but basically leaving all the weeds in), used a strimmer (?) to mow down some of the weeds between the tiles, but left most of it and cut down my rose, which was blooming for the very first time this year!

On Wednesday morning a lady and a gentleman came to the door. At first I thought they were Jehova's witnesses, but it turned out they were from the housing corporation. They couldn't get into my back garden since the gate was locked. Yes, and it will stay locked thank you very much. If the level of work that will happen is the same level produced at the front I don't want them. She was adamant to gain entry. I was adamant she didn't, also because I had to go to work and couldn't oversee any work they were doing. She asked when I would be at home. Well... ehm... Sunday. That was no good to her. And then she told me everybody could see the state of my garden. Sure, take a stepladder and peek over the fence and everybody could see.

The only thing I can come up with now is (and if you're easily offended, please avert eyes now): Stupid cow!

PS: I know my garden needs a bit of work, but I am not going to shell out money for people who don't know the difference between a dandelion and a rose, thank you very much! But if anyone feels the need to come and give me a hand, I am sure I can rustle up a nice dinner (including fantastic dessert) and a bed!


  1. Your garden looks *cough*lovely*cough*. Dear o dear. Where would you start? I'd buy a big flask of RoundUp and do a couple of rounds with that across the tiles. Then I'd call RTL4, they have that program on Saturdays with a hunky gardener called Lodewijk and shout HELP!!!!!
    Don't you get depressed when you look at your "garden"? I feel the need to come over and help you. Dinner would be nice (I don't eat meat), bed not necessary.

  2. It looks like my garden. I was gone most of the summer and nature just took over. But since I live in the country, no one cares.
    However, I may come pull your weeds next year!

  3. Do they really have a right into your back yard? I guess you better work on it or you will have to pay!
    So I know what you are doing this weekend! Have a good one.

  4. It really doesn't look that bad...(sorry Mara and sorry, all visitors of your weblog, but I do know you, it could be a lot worse than guess you should relax a bit this weekend...)

  5. We have a neighbour who has weeds taller than I and I am not short. I wish they'd come and hack his down, but I hesitate to complain.

  6. First-time visitor here (reader of Carolina's blog)...I do not understand the need some people have to control one's neighbor's weeds. Yes, there can be eyesores that probably have an effect on one's "property values" but if one is not selling, what's the point? Here in the U.S. we have "homeowners associations" that complain about your flower beds if they don't have enough pine straw and about your curbs if they aren't properly edged and so forth. They give you a "citation" and eventually a "fine" if you don't comply and perhaps even a "lien against your house" which has to be paid if you ever do try to sell it. The most harm they But again I say, if you are not selling, what's the point? More importantly, WHY are they like this?

    Rant over. Sorry. I will come here again as I enjoyed your writing.

  7. To get rid of the weeds between the paving stones you need a watering can and weedkiller. Very easy. Just follow the instructions and within a week or two they'll be gone.
    Mr Y Pudding (aka Alan Tichmarsh)

  8. Aha, I'm following the breadcrumbs sprinkled by Carolina.

    Don't worry, I can't grow a blessed thing either. Many people with tremendous worth and good taste suffer our fate. No really!

    It's because we're so good at other things , you see.

    Oh, all right, in my case it might have to do with the fact that I forget to water anything, so that only the most hardy of post-apocalyptic weeds can take hold, but I'm sure in your case it is because you are very good at other things :-)

  9. I have the twin to your garden HERE , if you have time to come and see! lol :)


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