Friday, 3 September 2010


The amount of energy it cost me last night to cycle home was just incredible. Especially since my energy levels were already quite drained. Most of them were right down to zero and the one remaining was hovering quite close to it! Which meant that I could have been overtaken by a geriatric snail towing a caravan!

And then this morning the alarm rang out again at six. Which was better than yesterday when it was 4am, but still way too early to my liking (I don't believe in starting to work before 10am. Or finishing after noon). I cycled to work, drove to my first pick-up point and waited for the children to show up. And waited and waited and waited. I would have still been waiting there if I hadn't phoned up the school. PE lessons don't start until next week! When I phoned the afternoon school, they told me they were cycling to PE. So, I got up early for nothing...

I need an energy booster. Like three weeks holiday on the Seychelles or something. A hunky man doing both my garden and cleaning my house would be good too. But I guess I will have to stick to coffee. Which in my case is decaffeinated!


  1. I could have been overtaken by a geriatric snail towing a caravan

    Both LOL and poor you!

  2. That really sucks. I hate when that happens. I guess after you clean your yard you can rest :)


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