Sunday, 5 September 2010

Going to the races!


Did you know I had a sister? Of course you did, I tell you people everything! But in case you didn't know: I've got a sister. She's six years younger than I am and when we were younger I used to bully her about. After I came back from living abroad though, we became close friends and have remained good friends (and sisters of course) ever since.


We aren't anything alike my sister and I. She's brunette and I'm turning old blonde (no, I don't want to call it grey thank you very much). She's two inches taller than me. I will tell you my life story within ten minutes of getting to know you, she will wait ten years. I trust most people on sight, she will look the cat out of the tree as the saying goes in the Netherlands. She likes to read about made-up lands from a time long ago, I love to watch made-up lands from a time far in the future.


However, we also do share a lot of things. We both love books, Ireland and travelling in general. We share the same sense of humour, love soppy films and music. We've been on holiday together several times. We used to work for the same company (the trolley dolly job on the train). It was she who first got me into the blogosphere!


Sometimes though she worries me. We are both on facebook and play a game called Family Feud (for those Dutch uninitiated: Vijf tegen vijf). You get a question and you have to find up to seven answers. You have to think American (top answer for a country where a lot of films are made besides the US: France. Surely that should be India!) and use words like vacation and grocery store (holiday and supermarket). If you do well enough during the rounds you get to play the topgame. Five questions and you have to answer all five of them within 50 seconds with a high scoring answer.


Question: Where would you go on a date if you didn't want to spend any money?
Her answer: Submarine Races!

I rest my case...

PS: my answer was Park and was the highest scoring answer, hers came in at a big fat zero!


  1. You are spitting images of each other! Even if she is taller and has a different hair colour. Your faces are very much alike.

    Only she obviously is more nuts than your are ;-)

  2. And again: a fun (and beautifull) read on your blog!

  3. This post brought me to tears. How sweet you two look together. Nothing like having a sister and one you enjoy being with. I love my sister but she just won't let me get close. I love the way you both think!

  4. Oddly enough, in that first photos, you look an awful lot like ... sisters.

    And I'm sorry to say that her answer -- submarine races --was much better than yours. :)

  5. so funny! i adore your description *old blonde!!* i'm going to use it if that is okay.

    sisters....but different. :)

  6. I think you look very alike, especially now, maybe not so much when you were younger. A

  7. Now, you make me miss my sisters, I have 5 and they are all in the Philippines while I'm here in Canada.

  8. My goodness! You are so much alike! Especially noticeable in that first picture! Yes, there are differences, of course, but the family resemblance is striking!

    And you both look like lovely, lovely people!

    Submarine races? LOL!

  9. I have to agree with the definitely look like sisters! My sister and I think we look nothing alike, but a lot of people ask if we are twins. (I'm a year older!)


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