Monday, 27 September 2010

Monstrous Monday 12

When Carolina was here to help me with the garden, I started out wearing a coat to do the work. Very quickly I discovered it wasn't the best to do the work in, I was sweating like mad! So, I found myself a thin cardigan and left the coat lying on the couch. When I came back in the house only a few minutes later, Wuppie had made it into his new bed! Opportunist!!! 


  1. Hah! Rocky would get his fur all over any item of clothing that I left lying around. I just read another cat blog. I miss him this morning.

  2. Winston appropriates any clothing that's been left lying around. He likes the smell of the human that's been wearing it.

  3. When we want Lindy to go into her kennel, we put one of Dick's T-shirts, one that he's worn and I haven't yet washed, into the kennel. The smell of the beloved human is irresistible to a cat or dog.
    I remember my cat Herman, who missed my young brother when he'd been away visiting Mom and Dad in Mexico (long story) so when Rob came home to my house, Hermie was so excited he didn't know whether to jump on Rob, jump into the shoes Rob had left by the door, or into Rob's open luggage, so he tried to do all three in rapid succession. Catrobatics!!
    -- K

  4. Aw, silly Wuppie!

    We had a cat in our yard this weekend, and Lily and Emmy loved the dear thing! I think it's a stray that we've seen around before. I hope she's catching all those chipmunks we have around here! (She looked plenty plump!)

  5. How sweet! Cats are notorious opportunists though! I love it. A

  6. They just love doing that don't they!


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