Monday, 5 August 2013


I like meeting up with friends. Either at a restaurant, or at home, or on top of a mountain! It's fun. One of my friends makes absolutely yummy cakes. But... so do I! For the Eurovision party I had (which nobody but me watched by the way), I made a Dutch apple pie. And they loved it! So, I decided to make another one and have an apple pie night. 

Now, I needed to invite some of my new friends. After all, having a lovely apple pie and then having to eat it all by myself is not nice. I started asking people over. Some of my female friends, some of my male colleagues. 

One of those colleagues is Polish. He isn't that fluent yet in Norwegian. But I like him, he is nice, he is funny and I feel he needs a bigger dose of Norwegian. I invited him along for my Wednesday apple pie night. In Norwegian Wednesday is onsdag. Sunday is søndag. He understood Sunday. And as I was watching a film last night, I saw him coming of the bus. 

We had a nice evening. He told me about how he got to live in Norway, a bit about his wife and daughters, about his home, about his life in general. He might not be able to come on Wednesday, but one piece of apple pie will certainly be going to Herman*!

*Herman is not his real name. But since he looks a lot like a Dutch comedian called Herman, I tend to call him Herman, before calling him by his real name!


  1. It's a good name. My very-best-ever cat was named Herman, and he was wonderful. He loved babies, puppies, kittens, and all people, and did the rounds of the neighborhood every morning for about an hour, saying hello to everyone.
    I'm glad you had some apple pie for your not-Herman friend even though he arrived on the wrong day.
    Luv, K

  2. So did he come on the wrong night or the right night? I got confused :) Your pie looks delicious! Glad you got to know him better.

  3. For a moment I thought you were going to talk about 'Herman' the friendshipcake and wondering howbit came in Norway.

  4. Finkers :-)
    I first was thinking about the friendship cake too, but couldn't link it to the apple pie picture. Which looks mouthwateringly delicious.


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