Sunday, 31 March 2013

Photo on Sunday 2013-2

Whenever I walk home I pass these three houses. Red, white and then yellow. So cheerful! And also note the blue sky! That has been a feature here in Haugesund for nearly a month now. Apart from the one day of snow we had two weeks ago. Nothing but sunshine and blue skies.


  1. When there will be rain in May, I will scream. Loudly! (I loooove that blue sky. It looks great!)

  2. How beautiful ! I love these colored houses and then the blue sky !!

  3. How beautiful! The houses look lovely. It looks to be quite a rural area.

  4. Fabulous blue sky, Mara. Ours is blue, too, but with some puffy white clouds today. I refuse to look at the weather forecast. Either Dick will tell me, or I will be surprised, and I'd actually rather be surprised.
    Sure was fun seeing the hoodoos in the Dinosaur Park badlands yesterday, and thinking of you. You'll just love that place.

  5. The houses and the weather look good.

  6. Lucky you, blue skies are awesome!
    No more jelly beans....I like your new background.


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