Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Talking to myself

This morning as I was in the office paying in my ticket earnings, I was filling out the form and talking to myself. There was another colleague in the same room as me and he was glad he wasn't the only one talking to himself. 

Well of course not! I mean, what if I have something important to say (I do you know) and nobody is there! I need to tell someone and since I am someone, I might as well tell myself. At least that way I also know that someone is listening. Attentively! Because that is important too! No glazed eyes looking at you as if you've just explained the inner workings of a worm on speed. 

Anyway, I talk to myself. I used to talk to myself a lot back in the Netherlands. No radio in the bus will do that to a person. Whole conversations I had. What I would say to those &*%$&# kids that made a mess, what I would say to that cute guy I had seen etc etc etc. But, now I have a radio on board. No need to talk so much anymore. I still do though on occasion. Like when filling in paperwork. Because hey... I need to be reminded of something and nobody else is there to tell me!

Do you talk to yourself?


  1. Yes, I talk to myself. But I want to know more about worms on spped.

  2. I don't talk to myself, I pretend that I talk to my cats ! They are good listeners and always agree with me and I don't look stupid because I talk to myself !

  3. I've always talked to myself. When I do so, I address myself by my last name. It's usually when I've made a mistake, and saying something like "Davies, you idiot!" still gets the attention of my brothers if they're nearby. Fortunately, they're 'way over on the west coast, so they only hear me when I'm out there.
    For everyday chit-chat, I talk to the dog, just like Gattina and her cats.

  4. I do talk to myself -- a lot! Sometimes I think it helps me to concentrate and zoom in on what I'm supposed to be doing. I have been accused of having a grasshopper mind -- interrupting myself or the person to whom I am speaking. Well I have a reputation for being somewhat hyper too so concentration is important to me.

  5. Well I talk to my self in my head but rarely do I talk out loud to myself.

  6. I'm like Debby...I talk to myself in my head! And now I see the worm reference. I need to read your posts in chronological order!


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