Friday, 29 March 2013


The normal order of events just before Easter used to be as follows: the Sunday before Easter I made my way to a school somewhere and I picked up a coach load of teenagers and five teachers. Then I made my way to London where I would spend the next few days. And on Thursday (ie yesterday) I would have made my way back home. 

Despite the teachers wanting me back for the trip I didn't. It would have cost me more than I would have earned. I did miss it though. Thinking about where they were, how they were getting on and so forth. I just had an email of one of the teachers. She knows about the Cathedral of St Zvlkx, which makes her a good 'un in my book! The trip had gone fine and they had realised how much I knew about the trip, parking and so forth. Feather in my cap and all. 

Perhaps at some point in the future I will do schooltrips to London again. I would like it very much. Although they could never be as good as those trips with that school were. Because they were great!!

We will rock you!!

All three photos from the trip of two years ago. 


  1. We ahve a London here in Ontario. Just thought I would throw that in.

  2. I'm sure those trips will hold a dear place in your heart and that they wished it was you driving them!

  3. It was a wonderful trip, two years ago. I enjoyed it very much, with you as the bus MASTER. ;-)


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