Saturday, 23 March 2013


The White Cliffs of Dover
One of the comments on my 'green' post a few days ago was from Anvilcloud. He is a regular commenter (thank you by the way) and this time part of his comment went as follows: Do you like the more regular routine of this job? Do you think you will miss some of the trips you used to take?

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
When I was working in the Netherlands I was a tourbus or a coach driver. Meaning that I had some tours abroad as well as the more regular school runs. I loved my job, but the touring part of it was mostly gone and the regular school runs became quite a prominent feature in my work. Besides, I wanted to move away. So, when the choice was finally made to move to Norway (in Canada I wouldn't have been able to get a job as a busdriver, for some silly governmental reason), I quickly decided to go to the public transport side of things. 

Public transport bus in Florence. And yes, it was this small!
The main reason behind this was two-fold. 1. I knew my language skills wouldn't be up to scratch and a tourbus driver does need a good knowledge of the host country's language. 2. Moving to a new country and then never being home is just stupid. Besides, some regularity in my life would be quite welcome, knowing a year in advance when you have to work and when you're off is quite a nice thing. I could get myself more of a social life!

Normandy landings
Back to Anvilcloud's two questions: Do I like the more regular routine of this job? Well, yes I do. As stated in the last paragraph, a regular routine helps a social life. And I have more of a social life than I ever had before. Of course that has a lot to do with myself as well, since I actually are more active in finding myself a social life being new to this country and all. 

Paris in June
Do I think I will miss some of the trips I used to take? Yes, I do. I would have had a trip to Normandy under my belt already had I stayed and a trip to London coming up this Sunday. I would love to still do those and I do miss them. As I miss spending time with my colleagues in some hotel in Germany, which we used to do a lot. Some chat, some beer, some good food. 

Adventures in Germany
So, I have mixed feelings right now. Which I knew before leaving I would have. Because driving a bus for a public transport company may be great, driving a tourbus is even better. And when the note from the office came asking about relief drivers for the touring department I was sorely tempted. Local, national and international driving if and when the regular drivers were all busy or ill or on holiday. But I know my limitations: the language! I hope it will come up again though and if it does: I will certainly apply!


  1. You toured a lot, you saw a lot, so now it's time to settle down a bit for a while at least !

  2. It sounds like you are happy with your new schedule and I think having the opportunity of seeing so many places with your last job is something to be thankful for. Many of us will never see what you have seen over the years! Enjoy your new social life....

  3. The London team misses you too! ;-)


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