Monday, 4 March 2013

Winter in Norway

Snowfall on Lifjell in early April 2012
Before I moved to Norway I was told that it was cold in Norway. And dark. And they were right. It is cold in Norway. And dark as well. But what everybody failed to see that in winter it's cold and dark in most northern European countries. 

When I first moved into my little apartment, I was a bit shocked to find it turned dark shortly after 3pm and was only fully light again until after 10am! Of course that had a lot to do with the fact the apartment is facing north, so I get the least amount of sunlight compared to other directions. 

The last of the sunlight on 23rd February
I have been keeping track of the hours of sunlight this year. What time does the sun rise and at what time does it set. According to the official whatyamacallits. If it continues this way I will actually see more daylight than my parents do, 1000 km south of me! Because there is only like 25 minutes difference now and we're catching up fast! 

And what about the cold? Well, it turns out it hasn't been any colder where I live than it has been where my parents live. If anything, they have had more winter weather than I did with way more snow at least! Of course it only being the beginning of March, this doesn't mean a bucket load of snow can't still be on the cards, but so far we've only had snow of real meaning in early December and a little bit of snow in January. 

Snowdrops in early March 2013
Haugesund is known (like Bergen for that matter) for its rain. And even rain is something I haven't seen a lot. Mind you, everybody over here keeps telling me that will change and by the middle of summer I will be totally fed up with rain. But that is something I will have to find out in the summer. For now spring is on its way and with it daylight!


  1. I see the snowdrops (white flowers) are already out there. Not here by a long shot yet.

    All places get the same amount of light/dark over the course of the year. You'll get back in summer what you lose in winter.

  2. I hope the rain starts to fall when the first week of May is over... (well, okay, a few drops is okay, and some rain at night I don't mind...) ;-)

  3. How come it's like that. You really get dark at 3pm? I think everyone is excited for Spring to come!


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