Saturday, 16 March 2013


The road down
Remember when I told you about that school run I had to do on those very narrow roads. In the dark and with snow? Well, six weeks later the dark is no more at that time in the morning and the snow has more or less disappeared as well, making it a lot easier to drive that stretch of road.

Before I get to that stretch of road however I have to go to the starting point. Which is located on a hill. So, when I had to do that route again last Thursday and Friday I took my camera along. Since I had about two minutes before the shift actually started I decided I would take some photos. 

The view to the right of the first photo
It may be winter still and quite brown and drab at the edges, but oh my, the view is fantastic. I can't wait to see it in its full summer glory!


  1. Oh yes ! that looks very beautiful !

  2. It's beautiful. Glad you have light now in the mornings. Love your new header but I do miss the colorful village.


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