Friday, 15 March 2013


I have an oncle. Well... several oncles really, but this is about the one who smoked. Which they all did come to think of it, so it doesn't really clear it up very much. I had better start over...

I have an oncle who smoked cigars. On a daily basis. Everywhere. At home and in his car. He used to drive a Toyota. And then another one and another one. So I have always associated Toyotas with cigar smoke: yuck! (For the record: he stopped smoking several years ago and now his car (Toyota) smells normal/nice).

Because I have this association with cigars and Toyotas I was never that keen on getting a Toyota myself. Thinking (wrongly of course) that they would all smell like cigars. 

I need a car. When I move I will be living about 12 kilometers/8 miles from work. Which in the Netherlands, where it is flat, would be something to overcome. In Norway where flat is a myth, it's not. I need a car. Just not a Toyota.

A colleague of mine (Dutch, male, with connections) found me a car and yesterday I had a test drive. It's old (1996), blue (not pink), but it moves. The dealer is prepared to get me newer winter tires and new summer tires, plus some sort of belt and a nice complete overhaul. It's not going to be too expensive to buy either. I can actually pay for it in cash, without lending any money, which is always good. 

I can pick it up next week. 

My new Toyota!


  1. Congratulations !! That's a nice car, looks really good for its age ! Anyway a car for me has to have 4 wheels, a steering wheel and breaks, the rest is not important ! A car is my freedom !
    I hate cigar smoke too ! That really stinks ! Toyotas are nice cars my friend and neighbor just bought a new one a Yaris hybrid, that saves a lot of petrol !

  2. THE CAR! You're going to love it! I drive a blue Toyota, too, but it is a minivan. I think you saw a picture of it on my blog!

  3. Looks good, Mara. I have been a Toyota owner more than once, and never regretted it.

  4. Toyotas are good, but this one is really old. I hope it does for you what you need.

  5. Way to go! Toyota makes a good car. I wish you safety and lots of joy rides in your new car.


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