Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A big gaping hole

I have been told in the past that I can (and will) write about almost anything. Like the inner workings of a worm on speed. Nuff said! However, even I have my limits and I was afraid the stories about my new life in Norway were slowly drying up. After all, there's only so much gloating you can do about the fantastic weather we're having over here! Blue skies and sunny nearly every single day!

And then something happens. Someone invites me, I get a house or a car or even a kitchen table (as of today I don't have to go out looking for one). 

If you know me in person you know I talk. A lot. About anything at all. Including those worms on speed. And many many many other things (I feel like I should have a fishbowl and a goldfish now). This talking is done for a specific reason. Because I once read/heard that talking produces saliva and saliva helps your teeth stay cleaner. And if you don't believe me: I had my first two cavities only 3 years ago. My sister, who could never get a word in edgewise, had her first cavity when she was still a child! See?

Another thing that helps keep your teeth clean is kissing. But it seems a bit odd to be kissing somebody on the bus every time I've eaten a sweet. So, the next best thing is chewing gum. Great to get all the sweet debris out of your teeth. 

Also great to get the filling out! Which means I now have a big gaping hole in my teeth! Saving to get furniture? Hah! Paying the dentist more like!!


  1. Yikes ! don't talk about dentists ! I shiver ! Bad memories ! I still prefer you talking about worms. What about their love life ??

  2. Maybe Dick will stop chewing gum if he thinks it will remove his expensive fillings.
    Then there will be peaceful, blissful, silence in the house once more.

  3. Oh no, sorry about that.
    Enjoyed the pictures!!!!

  4. Ow--in more ways than one! Dentists are expensive!


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