Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I wonder if this piggy would use deodorant
Now, is it just me, or are those adverts for deodorants just plain stupid? Example: Steffi Graf (yep the tennis player) puts on some deodorant and it will last for 48 hours, keeping her fresh and smelling nice. Great, no problem so far. She then proceeds to play a tennis match. And here is where my problem starts.

If Steffi is anything like me, she will sweat like the proverbial pig (which by the way can't sweat, hence the mud). She will be feeling wet and sticky and yucky and she will want to take a shower. If, of course, she's anything like me. Now, when I take a shower, all the sweat will be washed away. But, so too will the deodorant that you have put on right before the match. So, after my shower, I will put on fresh deodorant.

Of course, Steffi might not take showers after a tennis match. Which I don't believe. Or the deodorant might stay on even in the shower. Which I don't believe either.


(Okay, if you only sit around on your bum all day and only take a shower every four weeks or so, this deodorant might be perfect for you, but still...)


  1. I love the way your mind works, Mara. And the picture of the pig, how perfect for "sweat like a pig"!

    You might not believe this, but it is absolutely true. After I take a shower, I have to sit down and rest. If I don't, I will start perspiring immediately, even if I've kept the water temperature only medium warm. It's true. I sit at my computer and have what my husband calls my "post-shower cool-down"!
    They should try to get me in a deodorant commercial. "Do you sweat right after your shower? Try Deodorant X, it's a hex!"
    -- K

  2. I think I have tried them all and their is nothing that works for me.
    I know that I don't smell to the people around me but I actually have to use alcohal or lemon with a cotton ball to clear my armpits of BO! It doesn't even want to wash off. I don't perspire much. Sorry TMI.....

  3. How about the commercial for tampons that said "Like a robot, I keep buying the same tampon every month"
    WTH? Robots buy tampons? dumb.

  4. This reminds me. A long time ago, Steffi used to play Gabriella Sabatini who was also very good. They'd be playing a close match, but I always expected Steffi to win in the third set because I'd see Gabby sweating like crazy and Steffi looking as cool as a cucumber.

  5. I hope you have some of that deodorant ready for coming Sunday. I'll be leaving here at about 12 and it takes me what... about an hour and 15 minutes to get to your place? You do the maths. I can't. ;-)

  6. I agree! I can't stand not taking a shower after sweating like a pig! (Ok, if pigs don's sweat, where did that phrase come from?)


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