Wednesday, 4 February 2009


We've had ice in January and now we have snow! Not much, perhaps a centimeter at the most and unfortunately already melting, but snow nonetheless. It started last night and by the time I left for work (9.30pm) the roads were beginning to turn white. The cycle paths were even worse, but I made it. I drove to the starting point and found that even the bigger roads hadn't been salted yet. So careful was the main word.

By the time I had arrived at the starting point and was ready to load a bunch of builders on the bus, the heating on the bus had packed in already. Fortunately I was prepared and had dressed in more layers than ever. After an hour (hard work) and only one little trip I went back home. The main roads were a bit better, because they had been salted, but after wrapping myself up and climbing back on my bike, I found the cycle paths were even worse. They had been salted, but at midnight there's not that many people about, so it was hard going. Staying in the car track made it a bit easier, but it still took me twice the time it would normally take.

Right now, most of the snow is already gone or it has been turned into slush. But we had snow!!

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  1. Hoi! Gosh you look scary, like you are ready to rob a bank. Maar het zal wel lekker warm zijn. Zelf gebreid? Je maakt me wel nieuwsgierig naar je Canada-avontuur. Bedankt voor je bezoekje aan mijn blog en je commentaar! Altijd welkom.


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