Tuesday, 10 February 2009


A colleague of mine has taken quite a few photos over the past few years and when I lost all my work related photographs, he offered to put a lot of his on a cd for me. Today he gave them for me and I've just gone through them. Faces of people who don't work at the company any more and some who aren't even alive anymore. And an occasional photo of myself, which was great.
So, especially for me: Mara the busdriver. The early years!

These pictures were taken during a summer barbecue at a former colleague's place. The thing in my hair was a cause for much ridicule and I was actually forced to have it burned the week after. The mechanic did however give me money to buy a new scrunchie, as long as it wasn't as gaudy as this one! I was sorry, because I loved it!
A picture of me during the first staff outing. It wasn't organized by me then, I only started the year after. We went to one of the Dutch islands and scared the designated driver of the day by telling him we would miss the ferry back. It was also the day I finally got my contract: indefinitely! I was a happy girl that day...
This is the very first bus I ever drove on. It was horrendous! The gear stick was very hard to use and after only one week, my shoulder felt like it had been through the wars. After a while though, I got used to it and was fine. The airconditioning was a Belgian one (window and roof hatches opened). One day the bus wouldn't start and was jumpstarted by a bunch of colleagues pushing it. That same night it wouldn't stop and I had to stall it! It was sold six months after I started working for the company and I got a better coach!

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