Friday, 13 February 2009

Eviction notice!

I can take a lot, but I have been known to kick people off my bus for several reasons: fighting, not sitting down (on the coach), being too drunk to get on without help, being very rude to me. Lately I haven't been doing any kicking off, but this morning I had to actually get away from the steering wheel to actually throw someone off. Physically! I got him by the neck and walked him out the door of my bendy bus. He had just gotten on, didn't say good morning (mind you, most youngsters don't nowadays), didn't show a bus pass and apparently had no inclination to do so any time soon and didn't respond to anything I said.

Now, I say him, but it could have been a her, I didn't think it was polite to lift the cat's tail in front of everyone!


  1. It was a real kitty cat who got on! Black and white and only young!


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